GrabTaxi addresses recent alleged spraying incident

GrabTaxi, the cab booking app, released an official statement about the alleged spraying incident involving Buenafe Dumoran who reportedly almost became a victim of the said modus operandi last April 23.

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In a letter sent to The Dailypedia on Monday, May 11, GrabTaxi said that the incident has already been thorougly investigated. Both parties underwent a drug test.

“Both the passenger and driver have undergone a series of laboratory tests in an independent hospital under the supervision of GrabTaxi management.

“Results for both passenger and driver were found negative, meaning there were no traces of drugs or toxins found in both their bloodstreams,” the GrabTaxi Team said.

GrabTaxi’s investigation concluded that the passenger is safe and that the driver is “innocent”.

“[GrabTaxi] reviewed the driver’s history and tried to find complaints or questions about his conduct and professionalism in our tracker, but we found none.”

The safety of passengers being the topmost priority, GrabTaxi emphasized that, “we properly screen our drivers through referrals made by their own taxi operators and through verified personal data and information that we require from them. “

Last year, GrabTaxi addressed a similar complaint wherein a passenger alleged that the driver tried to drug her.

Written by dailypedia

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