Baguio Mayor reacts to online petition halting Burnham ‘Car’ park

Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan welcomes opposing ideas on the government’s development plan in proposing the building of a car park on Burnham park.

“Opposition to any project cannot be prevented and it is very welcome being part of the democratic process,” he said.

The Federation of Anti-Nepotism in Government Service (FANGS) posted a Facebook photo on May 7, disagreeing the construction of a 2-storey ‘concrete parking structure’ that will make ‘all surrounding century -old trees be brutally chopped down to give way to the [building] and to be replaced by concrete look-alike trees.’

The non-government organization advised Domogan, “for once in your life do something right. Leave Burnham Park alone.”

Photo from:FANG Facebook Page
Photo from:FANG Facebook Page

Meanwhile, Monin Navarro created an online petition to prevent the construction on the Melvin Jones football grounds, Burnham Park.

In the petition, Navarro enumerated the possible impact should construction push through, it may bring.

“The open space will be reduced by a total park land area of 49,385.60 sq.m. in order to accommodate two structures housing 3,000 parking slots and a ground level to serve as commercial rentable spaces.

“Baguio City’s air pollution was rated by WHO as worst [sic] than Manila and Cebu in 2012. The structures will increase air pollution in the area due to increased vehicular activity,” Navarro added.

As of this writing, over 4,000 supporters have signed in the petition.

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Reacting to the online petition raised in social media, Domogan cleared that “they need not worry because we are assuring them that we will be considering all the points that will be raised when it comes to the project, they will be part of every process.

“It will be a long process,” he reiterated adding that the feasibility study has just been submitted by an Australian Firm, which he said had volunteered in conducting a feasibility on the viability of the project at their own expense.

Parkwise Philippines and CW Developments Inc. released what came in the results and said it is a viable project.

The study covered two options which were viable. The first is the buildling of multi-level parking at the Ganza Area and the other is strategically located at the other end of the football field.

The first option may cover more or less 2,484 vehicles while the second option may accomodate more or less 3,000 vehicle capacity, which will include redevelopment of the football field and a parking level under the field.

The mayor explained that the feasibility study’s purpose is to analyze the viability of the project.

“There is no approval of the city government on the said project and presently, it is still being evaluated.

“If ever it gets approved/, it will be endorsed to the City Council for discussion and conduct of a public hearing then the council will make a resolution.

“The city government will not push through with any project that will destroy the park and have detrimental effects on the environment,” he stressed out.

Earlier, he announced his office has yet to create a Technical Working Group (TWG) that would evaluate proposal in the incorporation of the off-street parking.

National Historical Commission of the Philippines has declared Burnham Park, a heritage site recently.

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