VIRAL: FEU students debate about bras

Ever wondered why bras have flowers and lace and animal prints and what-have-you? Well, you may find the answer right here!

It’s funny how a simple question can garner the funniest and wackiest answers. Who would have thought that a simple question about a bra will go as viral as the bra debate is currently going now.

What will probably be known as the great Bra Debate started simply on the Facebook page Far Eastern University or FEU Secret Files. One admin posted:


“Hindi ko gets yung purpose ng design sa mga bra. Eh diba di naman siya nakikita since tinatakman mo nga ng pang itaas mo, bakit kailangan may color, may bulaklak or anything na magpapasaya (ngaba) para dun sa nagsusuot. ANO ANG MALAKING DAHILAN NA KUMUKUBLI SA LIKOD NG MGA DESIGN NG BRA.

Hindi ko siya problema, nacucurious lang talaga ako.”

[I don’t get why bras have designs. No one sees them anyway since you wear a top over it. Why do bras have to be in different colors, have floral designs or designs that will make the wearer happy (or does it make the wearer happy at all?). WHAT IS THE REASON BEHIND BRA DESIGNS?

I’m not stressing over it. I’m just really curious about it.]

FEU Tech


After the surname wars became viral earlier this year, the FEU Secret Files does it again with this extremely kooky question–which, you have to admit, might have crossed our minds at one point or another.

Many have found the post very interesting and eagerly shared their opinions on the so-called bra debate, the most liked of which from Marjorie Mallari: “para maganda tignan pag sinampay” [So it’s pleasant to look at when hung out to dry] which, to date, has gotten more than 3,500 likes.

More funny and witty remarks may be read at RachFeed. Laugh away!






Screenshots from FEU Secret Files Facebook page. 

Written by KM Viray

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