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Thousands Plead with the Australian Government to Stop the Deportation of an Autistic Filipino Child

[blockquote author=””]Dear Mr Dutton, can I stay in Australia please… Tyrone[/blockquote], These are the some of the touching words written by a 10-year old autistic Filipino boy named Tyrone Sevilla as he pleaded to stop his deportation from Australia in order to stay with his mother, Maria Sevilla. Tyrone wrote a letter to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton with the help of his mom.


His medical condition was the main reason why they were denied visas. The cost of Tyrone’s care seems to be the main concern for the Australian immigration which made them reluctant to grant them visas. Maria has been in Australia since 2007 on different types of visa. Tyrone arrived there when he was just two years old. Due to the cost of Tyrone’s medication, they were considered as burden by the taxpayers who promptly convinced the Australian government to deny Tyrone and his family their visas.

Hoping that there will still be a chance that the Australian Immigration will reconsider its decision, the Sevilla family put together a petition signed by around 120,000 people which they intend to give Immigration Mintister Peter Dutton’s office in Brisbane


[blockquote author=””]Australia is our home. Because we have been here for nearly eight years and we’ve been assimilated in the community[/blockquote], she told ABC during an interview.

[blockquote author=””] have my work here and I can actually provide for Tyrone … that’s why we’re considering Australia our home.[/blockquote]. She added.

A bridging visa (which usually covers a 28-day period) was issued for Maria and her son Tyrone while Dutton and the Immigration prepare a report regarding the said case.

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