Watch and Learn: This Is How To Open A Bottle of Beer Using ONLY A Sheet Of Paper

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you’re in the middle of an awesome party and suddenly your bottle opener is broken and you have loads of drinks to open to serve to your visitors?

Don’t panic! Rhys Morgan has found a trick to solve your problem just by using a sheet of paper.

According to the 21-year-old student, the hack is very, very simple. He even uploaded a video of himself demonstrating how to open a bottle of beer with a sheet of A4-size paper, which recently went viral.

The instructions in the video say:

Fold the paper in half vertically until you end up with only a small amount of paper left.

Fold this remaining paper lengthways to create a ‘V’ shape from the paper

Put the ‘V’ of the paper against the underside of the bottle cap and apply pressure.

Morgan told the The Daily Mail that he learned about the trick when he was hanging out with friends. “I was at a garden party with, tragically, a broken bottle opener. We needed to create some kind of bottle opener, and I thought that strengthening a sheet of paper by folding it could help it act as a lever to pry the top off!”

The video has now garnered almost 4.2 million views since it was uploaded last March 6.

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