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What Happened to the Guy Mocked by Cheating GF with Photos of New Lover?

Remember Jefferson Manayao, the guy whose cheating girlfriend sent him photos with her new lover? Where is he now? Is he friends with ex-girlfriend Iya Mendoza now? What happened to the car? Did he learn any lessons from the experience?

Well, first things first.

The Story

According to his own Facebook post, Jefferson received a series of messages from Iya, showing him just how happy her new life feels like with her new boyfriend. The problem there is that, according to Jefferson, (1) she is still his girlfriend so she is technically cheating and (2) she is doing this using his car!


The betrayal would have been easier to accept [but is it really easy to accept a betrayal?] if she did not mock him using the photos she took with her new boyfriend. Also, Jefferson would later spill the beans on how he supposedly spent money for her cosmetic surgery to make her more beautiful. He also opened a Globe account so she can communicate with him but she did not pay her bills.

Read the full story here: Girl Sends Ex-BF Pics Cuddling With Another Guy; His Response Will Shock You

Story Goes Viral

When various sites picked up the story, Jefferson became a viral hit across various social media – with most people taking his side. After all, who wants to side with the cheater? Though many said it was difficult to judge the entire story based only on Jefferson’s account, the photos and their corresponding captions, allegedly taken straight from Iya’s text messages, were enough proof for most netizens.

The story was just so shocking. While most cheaters hide their activities from their partners, this girl seems to enjoy torturing her boyfriend with those new photos.

Still, as with everything else in the world, all the hoopla over this strange love triangle died down. The “other guy” gave his statement but the girl never released any even to this day.

So Where’s Jefferson Now?

Well, he is in the US right now with his family. In his Facebook posts, it seems he has found some peace in his life and enjoys creating covers of his favorite songs as well as touring this beautiful country.

"My guitar is not a thing, it is an extention of myself, It is who i am.." Photo and caption credit: Facebook/Jefferson Manayao
“My guitar is not a thing, it is an extention of myself, It is who i am..”
Photo and caption credit: Facebook/Jefferson Manayao

When we asked him about Iya and the viral story, he admitted that had long been finished. He strongly exclaimed he could never be friends with her ever again but has some words to say regarding the financial aspects of their old fight.

First, he wants her to pay off the debts she incurred using his name.

Second, he wants her to pay the person whose car was hit by his car while Iya was still using it. Yep. He actually got that car back but it came with a police report that it had hit another vehicle and that Jefferson, as owner, must pay for the damages incurred. Of course, since it was not him who hit that other car, he wants his ex-GF to pay for that.

Third, he wants her to pay off the Globe bills – the account is under his name but she is the one using the line.

According to Jefferson, his life is fine as it is now. He does not anymore feel intense anger over the things that happened between him and Iya. The only thing that matters to him regarding the issue is that she pay up all those things he mentioned. He is at peace.

Written by Joy Adalia

A non-functioning licensed Chemist but full-time mommy of 2 kids, full-time wife, and full-time freelancer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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