The Baby Is Coming Out But There’s NO Doctor In Sight. So Her Husband Took His iPhone and…

Ask every pregnant woman what’s the worst thing that can happen while giving birth and a lot of them will answer not having a doctor to deliver the baby.

This is what happened to mommy Keyanna Rivera from New Jersey. She was in a routine schedule for a pregnancy check up when her water broke. Unfortunately, the doctor assigned was still in another hospital and the person left with her was only the medical assistant who doesn’t have any experience in delivering a baby! Oh no!

Rivera said her baby is already coming out, “and there was no stopping him.”

Good thing her husband was just calm in that very desperate situation. What he did was take his iPhone and decided to FaceTime Meena Devalla, their doctor.

Doctor Meena Devalla photo from NBC
Doctor Meena Devalla
photo from NBC

After giving her medical assistants clear instructions on what to do, a healthy Raphael was born after 20 minutes of labour.

Rivera said, “Everything happened so fast. I think we got there at 11:30 and he was out by 11:50.” 

Keyanna Rivera with son Raphael photo from NBC
Keyanna Rivera with son Raphael
photo from NBC

In an interview with assistant Oswaida Torres, she admitted she never delivered a baby and has never used the video messaging app before. She also said she was a little nervous that time but thanked God that everything worked out and both Rivera and Raphael are now doing great.

Oswaida Torres, medical assistant photo from NBC
Oswaida Torres, medical assistant
photo from NBC

Dr. Devalla stated, “I just instructed them how to cut the clamp and where to cut it and make sure it was clamped properly to make sure the baby could breathe. Thanks to FaceTime it helped, the technology really helped.”

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