Go Forth and Be Hair-Free this Summer As Diana Stalder’s Almond Wax Takes in

Summer is finally in! Are you gals ready to show off your bikini suits? Aside from achieving a beach ready body, perfect smooth looking legs is part of the preparation.

Girls are on-the-go trying waxing services so they can put on their swim suits with confidence.

Have you tried sugaring and waxing? See what Diana Stalder, one of the leading skincare body products and services authority, has to offer.

Ladies who would want to clear their unwanted hair can try out Almond Wax. There are many types of waxing techniques, but warm waxing is what they promote since it’s more effective than any other method in any salon.


Waxing syrup is simply melted on a stove maintained in a tap to low level heat.

In a traditional way of waxing, Diana Stalder uses a popsicle stick to dip it in the wax and then application follows on the designated leg parts.


Wax evenly applied on leg is ripped using paper sheets and pulled off in hair growth’s opposite direction.

As much as possible, the hair must be at 1/2 of an inch long before waxing to achieve unwanted hair-free experience. It seems a minus point for those who eagerly want their hair get done after noticing hair grows again.

Though it takes more than hour of procedure, the promise of well-deserved and well-pampered treat results will be attained.

For finishing touch, they use biotron for after-waxing relief.


After waxing session, note to self to stay from working out or anything which triggers sweating to avoid skin irritation. Applying lotion, nubbing cream or any liquid on your post-waxed legs is forbidden 6-8 hours after the treatment.

They are also offering waxing treatment for upper lip,underarms, and brazilian.

For further details, you may check on their social accounts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Or you may visit the branch nearest  you.

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