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LBC Staff Tampers Package, Steals iPhone 6+ but Leaves Chocolates Behind?

When the parents of Facebook user Macey Mapanao sent her a package containing chocolates and an iPhone 6 Plus, they chose well-known and trusted courier LBC so the items will be safe.

When the package arrived, however, Macey’s excitement turned to anger when the box allegedly contained only the promised chocolates but the iPhone 6 Plus was gone!

Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real
Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real

It angered the family even more when they discovered the signature on the seal, supposedly that of Mr. Roberto Mapanao [Macey’s dad], allegedly turned out to be forged. Whoever forced the signature made it appear that Mr. Mapanao signed the package and no courier staff touched the items inside it!

Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real
Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real

Upset over the apparent stealing by the courier’s staff, Macey angrily posted the experience on Facebook. This was picked up by Pinoy Radio Online and the post quickly went viral as angered netizens shared their experience or simply shared the post for their friends to be aware of the incident.

Dear LBC,

My parents and I have been loyal customers of yours until today. My dad was supposed to send over an iPhone 6+ that was tightly and securely kept in a plastic container along with a few bars of chocolate. He sent it over at Feb 18 from Gensan at approx 1:30pm (as seen in the screenshot of the tracking from the LBC website)

Guess what? YUNG CHOCOLATE NALANG NATIRA. (Only the chocolates were left.)

LBC has this promise of being faithful to its customers by delivering items untouched but where’s my phone?

WHERE IS THE INTEGRITY AND LOYALTY TO CUSTOMERS THAT YOU PROMISE?!?!?! THIS IS EXTREMELY UPSETTING CONSIDERING KAYO ANG NUMBER ONE DELIVERY COMPANY IN THE PHILIPPINES. PINAGMAMALAKI NIYO PA! (This is extremely upsetting considering you are the number one delivery company in the Philippines, and are even proud of it!)

Yes it’s upsetting na nawala phone ko but what’s more upsetting that A TRUSTED COMPANY COULD DO SUCH A THING OR LET THIS KIND OF THING HAPPEN. I hope magbago isip ko sa inyo kung maexplain ninyo saan napunta phone ko. PLEASE. PINAGHIRAPAN PO YUN NG MAGULANG KO. HINDI LANG YAN BASTA BASTA. (It’s upsetting that I lost my phone but what’s more upsetting ist that a trusted company could do such a thing or let this kind of thing happen. I hope I could change my mind about you if you could explain where my phone went. Please. My parents worked hard for it.)

Everyone pls repost this. Everyone needs to know LBC is NOT YOUR HARI NG PADALA.

Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real
Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real

Update (02/20 11:56am) – My parents visited LBC in SM Gensan. PROVEN NA NINAKAW TALAGA. Clearly the signatures on the package are NOT MY DAD’S AND THEY WERE FORGED.

Declared po na may iPhone ang package. Nagbayad pa ng insurance tatay ko. (It was declared that an iPhone was supposedly in the package. My father even paid for insurance.)

Update lang sa reklamo ko re: the iPhone lost from the LBC package sent to me.

My parents coordinated with the main office of LBC in Gensan and they cooperated well. They checked the tracking record of the package and found discrepancies thus giving a lead to where the phone could have been lost or stolen. By Monday a settlement will be given to us (daw).

Despite the mishap, I’m very thankful towards the people at LBC Gensan for extending their kind help in investigating on the matter!

Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real
Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real

After the incident went viral and the story was also posted on Viral4Real, LBC commented on the post stating the concern has been “amicably resolved”.

Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real
Photo credit: Macey Mapanao/Viral4Real

Written by Joy Adalia

A non-functioning licensed Chemist but full-time mommy of 2 kids, full-time wife, and full-time freelancer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. “Hi Sir/Ma’am, Good Day! We would like to bring you up to speed regarding the isolated iphone 6+ incident that transpired. This has been addressed and resolved since the 23rd of February, 2015. The last Facebook post of our concerned customer is as follows:
    “So despite the chaos and everything, thank you LBC for responding and addressing the problem and making the effort to resolve this issue immediately!” – Mary Claire Moralina Mapanao aka Macey Mapanao.
    It has and always been our practice to serve our customers 24/7 either through our email; [email protected] or through our hotlines; 858-5999 or at 1-800-10-858-5999. Pls feel free to contact us anytime for any concerns that you may have as We Like to Serve You yyyYou!“

  2. As I read between the lines of this article, I feel a bit bad because the offense of one individual magnified to the entire company. I hope the readers should realize that this incident is not about the whole courier company but the values it should be promoting among its employees and that they (employees) live to those values promoted by the employer who gives them income.

  3. so u paid for the inconvenience since u know that it is viral and trending online. Should we still trust and have business with you? Where is integrity taking place of? How can we trust and continue choosing your services where we know that we cant trust your employees?

  4. That made me think twice about LBC.. Hmmm.. worth sharing sa relatives na walang net.. they should know..tsk tsk

  5. They should punish those thief put them in jail when they find out so atleast the thief will be lessen in the philippines

  6. If I need to point out a few good lessons in this story the first would be to NOT trust anyone your valuable things and that includes LBC. Second would be to declare the valuable items in the package and INSURE them. Kudos for Mr. Dad for being SMART. If not for that insurance LBC could just turn this issue into the customers own fault. So guys, INSURANCE, invest in in it may it be for courier service or your life.

  7. Ordered a couple of flash drives from Lazada few days ago and it arrived today June 3, 2015. The problem is one of the flash drives was missing. What i got was 1 flash drive and 1 opened flash drive package without the drive in a sealed Lbc bag. There was a cut on the bottom of the Lbc bag about a 2 inches long which is how some Lbc employee stole it.

    Lbc express needs to find some way of getting rid of the thieves that work there.



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