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Jomari Yllana posts on Facebook: “PNoy is the dumbest president in Philippine history”

Since the Mamasapano tragedy, millions of Filipinos including celebrities have been criticizing the Philippine government specially President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino III. And we thought we’ve read the harshest ones, but another Filipino actor did not just criticize PNoy. Unlike other celebrities who just side-swiped the president,  this actor directly and harshly called PNoy “the dumbest president”.

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Pinoy Paparazzi recently reported a Facebook post of a former “gwaping” actor and brother of politician Anjo Yllana, Jomari Yllana. In his post, he compared the preparation of the PNP-SAF troops to a video game, criticized PNoy’s “matuwid na daan” platform and wished for PNoy and his allies to go to hell.

As if it could not get any worse, he even labelled PNoy as “the dumbest president in Philippine history”.

Photo Credit: Yahoo
Photo Credit: Yahoo

Ang akala nila, parang video game lang….. Nag-ensayo lang at pinasubukan… Sigurado ako, kahit dati na hindi ka corrupt… Pero, garantisado na ako na isa ka ngang tanga! Lahat ng nasa gabinete mo mandarambong… Sana, pagkatapos dumaan ng sasakyan ninyo sa daan na nagkukunwaring matuwid ay dumeretso na rin ito sa impyerno… Kasama ng mga dayuhang mapuputi na napakahusay magsinungaling… Napakahusay na mandurugas at napakahusay mag-angkin ng lupaing hindi kanila… Ikaw na!!! Ikaw na ang pinaka-tangang presidente sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas!!!

Hmmm… Seems like someone is going to unfriend and block Jomari Yllana soon.

And while the Pinoy Paparazzi writer commended Jomari for his “bravery”, netizens are awaiting as to what will happen next for this celebrity. We really hope this would not take a toll on his career.

Written by G.A. Viray

G.A. had a lot of professional working experiences in different fields and industries before finally deciding to write articles in 2014. She is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian who also has a passion for teaching, training and facilitating. More than all her skills and passions, she is very much grateful that she is blessed with an adorable daughter and a loving husband.


  1. diba drug addict si jomarie kaya titignan records nya .. kung gaano naman sya ka good filipino citizen :)..

  2. How is it that people could say that about a President.
    If one looks at the corruption of politicians in the Philippines and that includes the actors who believe their arrogance can rule a country, then Lord help us all if PNOY is insignificant in his role of Leader.
    He is unassuming and going about a job in a quiet manner to achieve an impossible job of having his people raised up from the bottom, through and passed the elitists and happy in life.

    • A president was first a candidate. We all know how he won because of the influence left of their mother`s death. He could be a good president comparing to the others who were faulty. Unfortunately for you, he is faulty too and that is what we are talking about. If you have the guts to run for presidency, you should have the stomach to shoulder the responsibilities. Filipinos are not blind. The comparison is made because there is something to compare. Maybe he has pleased a few Filipinos with some of his actions but a few is not and never will be the Filipino people. We are all Filipino people. We deserve a better country run by a better president. We have experienced the better days that is why we compare. We too know how to be human. With all the luxury their family lives off on, comparing to how every time he reasons out with his families sacrifice when he incurs or otherwise brags power, that shows how unsatisfactory of a president he is. Furthermore, being unable to know the priorities of a head of state- especially with the fault he shared which caused the Fallen 44 – you may want to review your criticism and be more informed than judge based on what you have now. That attitude is so Aquino. “We suffered like you did during the Marcos regime.“ – but we and our families are living a life of luxury compared to our other compatriots. Lastly, may I remind that once upon a time Philippines was 2nd richest in Asia and once upon a time, Electricity was not a family business.

  3. well your not the smartest either, idiot! look at where your country’s economy now compared to the days of your fellow actor Estrada. So whose dumb now?

  4. he is one of the people in Philippines na kayang sabhin ang gusto nya kahit merong masisira na karer s kanya… Kasi he is on Filipinos sides… He wanted changes in our country too!!! Like me i am still hoping that one day someone will stand up for the country who is selfless and patriotic. If Singapore made it.. Philippines can make it too!!!!
    Sa mga taong nagsasabi na walang karer c joms.. Think again… Lol he produces movies and concerts people!!!! 🙂

  5. Sinuubukan lang namin kung pasawin si Pnoy at maipasok sa aming bulsa – pwede pala. . .

    – Mga Watang Moro.

  6. Do what’s right and nobody will notice. Do wrong and you’ll be remembered forever. Yes it sucks but who are we to judge? Let’s ask ourselves, did we do something to help one way or another?
    Didn’t we put those “dumb” people in the office and essentially lit the gas – infused wrong intentions and mentality they’ve always had?
    I could go on and on about these questions, but the point is it’s a democratic country so how pitiful is it that all we do is bitch about every single person sitting on that chair, holding the most powerful position in the country. The power is in the people’s hands, so why not take it? Bitching about anything and everything won’t change a damn thing. It’s what losers do. A big ‘ole loser would just blame anything, anyone about everything because he can’t accept his own mistake. That mistake, in this case is putting them in the office. If you don’t know how to fix it or at least remotely have an idea how to start fixing it that just shut your mouth cause honestly, you’re not doing any of us a favor by opening that big bitch of a mouth backed by a truly dumb and irresponsible mindset you have.

    • I didnt vote him!so would that be enough reason so I can comment against him?you are a filipino,you are paying your tax,you don’t even have a decent benefits as a citizen,you see overwhelming corruption in his cabinet, you are working your ass out in other country sending money and they benefit from it,you see your fellow filipinos suffer and die in calamities without the aid of the government,you lack school amenities and public roads,you have no idea where did the donations go,you lack military strongholds,you are being bullied and they are taking your territories,you have many natural resources and they’re just giving them away,you see unending poverty and illiteracy in your country,you see unending economic inflation and your financial status is still stagnant,you see his incompetence and lack of patriotism and lastly,you see the 44 soldiers die without reinforcement,without sympathy and let them die inorder to get a nobel prize title? Who am I,who are you and who is jomari in the Philippines?it’s inevitable to whine or show disgust because we’re filipinos and this is a democratic country!

      • ahahaha’ anak ng tutchang relax lang mga kababayan! unang una hindi ako bumoboto so kahit si pnoy diko binoto, minsan nagiisip ako kung presidente ba ang may problema sa pinas o ang mamamayan. isa lang ang masisigurado ko WALANG presidente na uupo sa PINAS na hindi makakatikim ng panlalait at planong impeachment (ginagawa nating hobby ang impeachment ah, ayos!) sa mamamayan (na na brainwash ng mga pulitikong baluktot at ng mga nababasa/napapanood sa dyaryo/telebisyon, hirap kasi sa tao kung ano ang tumambad sa harapan yun na yun lol’ konting lawak ng isip at pagbabalanse) kasi ganyan ang pinapakita na ugali ng karamihan.

        **kung me magnanakaw sa aparador(haha) nya ibig ba sabihin wala agad syang kwenta? di kaya yung namumuno sa departamento na yun ang walang ginagawa?

        **yung kapalpakan sa rehabilitasyon ng mga nasalanta, kasalanan nya rin agad? di kaya yung namumuno sa departamento na yun ang walang ginagawa?

        **yung kawalan ng lakas militar natin? kasalanan nya rin ba? di kaya yung namumuno sa departamento na yun ang walang ginagawa?

        **yung kawalan ng access ng mga mahihirap sa edukasyon, kasalanan nya rin agad? di kaya yung namumuno sa departamento na yun ang walang ginagawa?

        **yung mga nangyayaring concert sa kulungan at album launching (lol) kasalanan nya rin ba? di kaya yung namumuno sa departamento na yun ang walang ginagawa?

        ** at sa kung anu ano pa man ang kapalpakang mangyayari sa departamento nya, kanya agad lahat yun? di kaya yung namumuno sa departamento na yun ang walang ginagawa?

        ***********ang pinas ngaun parang isang kumpanya (noon) na punong puno ng unyon, konting mali WELGA KAMI! WELGA KAMI! hindi lahat ng pangyayari na di sangayon sa ating kagustuhan ay pinaghihimutok ng ating kalooban. lahat ay napaguusapan, at sa paguusap na magaganap hindi 100% ng desisyon ay pwedeng pumanig sayo. decision should be mutual. ang pagiging MALAYA natin e dapat ginagamit sa TAMANG paraan. Ngayon, sa karamihan o halos lahat ng kumpanya sa pinas ilang % ang nag reregular ng mga manggagawa?ah eh? nga nga!

        Ang pagbabatikos healthy yan basta maayos nai-deliber, diniliber sa paraan na positibo para ika aangat at hindi negatibo para sa ika babagsak. pero sana yung receiver ay maging matalino at palaging positibo.

        ang presidente oo hawak ang lahat pero hindi nya lahat kayang tutukan kaya nga me mga department head para mamuno at binigyan nya ng kapangyarihan para tumingin, paunlarin, pagtibayin at gawing matuwid ang kanya kanyang department. sila ngaun ang maituturing presidente ng kani kanilang sangay at kung ano ang gusto nilang gawin sa ikauunlad nito (please lang hindi sa pansariling ikauunlad).

        sa mga piniling department head ipakita nyo sa mga pilipino na maganda at hindi makasarili ang intensyon nyo sa pagupo, bagkus (lalim syet) palakasin, paunlarin at gawing ninyo itong matuwid para sa ikauunlad ng bansa nyo.

    • Correct,To those who criticize our president,What have you done to our country and our country men so far?Why instead of criticizing Him,why dont we help him solve the problems that going on right now?Whatever happens,it meant to happen whether him or you will like it or not.Whatever bad things you say to our president,it will not help us or our country at all.And who are we to judge him? Are we better than him?,I we are the president right now,everything will be alright inspite of all the problems and corruption that was pass in his term?Why dont we pray for him and for all the people of the philippines ,so that we are going to have Peace and Unity in our country.So please think first before you say or comment something bad to anybody.God bless us all.

    • That was a funny comment by this man Jandro. Anyway, makatanga naman si Jomari? may college educ ba naman to? besides, no need to worry about messing up his career when he said his criticisms……….kasi wala na rin naman career eversince. hehehe


  7. brave nga ng comment noh?Pero,naisip nyo ba kung gaano kahirap maging leader ng isang bansa???Com’on people!hindi po super hero ang presidente natin!Tingnan nyo po ang sitwasyon,bago kayo mag comment ng kung ano-anu..Dumb???Kung maka judge wagas!!!Lingon-lingon po muna tayo,kung saan tayo galing,baka nakakalimutan nyo,nagiging mas mababa na kayo sa mga pinagsasabi nyo!!!I’m just a netizen,walang pinapanigan, nagiging open minded lang.People of the Philippines, isipin nyo,imbes na i-down nyo ang government,bakit di nlng magtulungan???Kasi,paano magiging effective ang isang leader kung di nakikiisa ang mga followers?hello???!!!!GISING-GISING PO TAYO PAG MAY TIME!!!and ky Sir JOMARI, galing nyo pong mambatikos!!!

    • Simple lang ang sagot sa post mo…. eto oh… “Kaya nga di kami tumakbo for President kasi alam namin kung gaano ka hirap” Eto pa po bago po kayo nag post nito tinanong niyo po ba si PNOY? kung alam niya kung gaano kahirap maging presidente? Hindi noh? Siguro alam naman po ni PNOY kung gaano kahirap yong pinasok niya at kaya niya itong tugonan… diba! kaya nga PRESIDENT na siya ngayon…?… Tanong? Kinaya niya ba? Di niyo kasi kami naintindihan kung bakit ganito kami ka dismayado kay PNOY ganito po binoto po namin si PNOY dahil napaniwala niya kami na kaya niyang ayusin ang bolok na gobyerno natin at dahil dito malaki ang tiwala namin sa kanya…. Imbis na TUWID na daan eh bakit naman puro LIKONG daan yong nakikita namin… lalo na po itong last incident parang wala ng daan….

  8. I am still waiting for the other harsh FB posts against PNoy. You conservatives or fantards think “Be a president first before you talk.” You don’t even know what it’s like to feel the pain under PNoy’s care because you think too much of celebs and Kris Aquino/Baby James or even Fat Ryzza stuffs rather than the situation we are all in. You don’t even see the real tragedy that’s happening around you that is under his seating and you still defend him? Ok, if you want ME to become a president, then vote for me. Otherwise, you’re just eating up your own insults. Look at the things around you first under his command, he is so far one of the most regrettable President s that I’ve ever known.

  9. bakit di mo subukang tumakbo bilang presedente sa susunod na election jomari yllana?nang malaman natin kung magawa mo ng tama lahat! at ng malaman din natin kung tanga ka din ba at corrupt!baka masahol ka pa!

    • Ok lang magkamali pero not at the expense of other’s lives, my dear. The outrage is due to the fallen44. Hindi dahil lang sa kung anong katangahan o kahihiyan. Look at the details surrounding what happened in Mamasapano, before you go to your president’s defense. And yes, I did not vote for him.

  10. People will always find criticisms in their leaders. It’s inevitable, but I think why most Filipinos are angered by the government, especially in PNoy, is the lack of ACCOUNTABILITY he projects. They think so much about their “shiny” reputation that they fail to act as true leaders of the country. They proud themselves of accomplishments but fail to take ownership and fault for disasters. As the country’s “tagalingkod” as our president informed us, he should own up to the reponsibilities appointed to him as the country’s leader, in good and bad times. How will he expect to win the hearts of the people if he lacks to show empathy and sincerity to the rest of the mourning country. You can’t just turn your back in every bad news. It’s a very difficult position to be in, but in the end, ‘ginusto mo ‘yan!’ Not wanting to be responsible is like saying you’re not ready for the role as President.

  11. Nonoy Aquino maybe is an intelligent person who graduated from a prestigious university. But he is definitely, so far, the Weakest President of the Philippines. Poor in decision-making and poor in leadership skills. (Judging from the Tacloban typhoon and PNP-SAF troop incidents alone)

  12. very well said jomari…,kung ndi ba naman tangang presidente inuna pa nya ang HONDA kesa sa arrival honor ng fallen44 bobong presidente ang meron tayo dapat makonsensya sya…PWEEEEEEEE

  13. dapat managot ang dapat managor sa fallen 44 para di na maulit pa ang nangyari sa mamasapano,kailangan lang siguro tamang diskarte,plano at komunikadyon bago gawin ang isang misyon..

  14. Papansin kasi si Jomarie, palibhasa laos na laos na. Ano alam nya? Meron ba?so He is the dumbmest artist…ever..

    • At least he has balls to throw that statement, ung presidente ntin ay isang president n napakayabang hndi marunong tumanggap ng pagkakamali!

    • at bakit sikat lang ba pwde magbigay ng opnyon??? pag di sikat lagi gnyan snasabi ng utak talangka laos laos laos kakarindi halatang di nagiisip ng malalim bago dumakdak!! wala ba syang point? talamak pa nga holdapers rapists may gnagawa ba sya para sa peace n order???

    • i dont think na nagpapansin sya, bakit ikaw ba matanong kita napakamanhid mo naman kong wala ka man lang naramdaman sa pangyayari..yong mga katulad ni jomari may pakialam yan sa ating bansa kaya nya nasabi yan no? ang pinag kaiba lang artista sya at tayo hindi kaya mapapansin talaga yong comment nya kesa sa atin..kaya kong sa side ko? ganun din ang sasabihin ko ah? kaya hwag ng umepal pa no

    • At least may bayag si Jomari Yllana he can criticize the president if he wants because that peron is a public figure and hold sensitive positions plus should have intelligent decisions. Now may I ask did this president do an intelligent decision? Or did he just approved the advise of his intelligent advisers such as this PNP Chief.


  15. Hindi porket nagtatax ang isang tao ay may karapatan at hayagan mong sabihin na ta.nga ang presidente!… Sabihin nya yan sa hari ng saudi arabia, sa north korea, russia, sa china…. Lalo na kilalang tao si Jomari Yllana…. Malamang patay na yan ngayon!… Sinong tao ang matuwid at hindi nagkamali?….. Hindi ako makaPnoy respeto lang sa kanya bilang pangulo!…huwag maging bastos….pasalamat ka Jomari nasa Pilipinas ka at wala ka sa mga bansang binanggit ko….kung nagkataon pinag.lala.mayan ka na!…

  16. Remember The President still the president and our country leader.Just don’t forget to respect also, don’t make too harse on on your words.We are on a freedom nation but don’t make too advantage on it.

  17. ang taong nag-iisip ng masama sa kapwa, walang laman ang puso at isip kundi bulok. I pray maging malinis ang laman ng kanyang puso at isip,,

  18. jomari u are right, mi additional ako dyan our president is the master of disaster, yong disaster na decision nya sa mga chinese tourists hostage by a former policeman, ending 11hours standoff in Manila, yong bagyong yolanda, nasaan na yong bilyong donasyon? tas itong pinaka matinding disaster hinayaan nya ang mga saf na ubusin ng mga kalaban na kaya pa sanang ma rescue ang ilan, imagine kung ikaw ang nasa kalagayan ng mga saf fallen 44 hopeless life

  19. Stop defending the president.
    Sya mismo ayaw tanggapin ang responsibilidad ng pag ako sa nangayre kahit sya pa ang CHIEF COMMANDER.

  20. masyado kasi kayong emosyonal, namatay lang yung nanay ginawa nyo na agad presidente, nung senador pa nga lang wala naman halos nagawa. O ngayon yung expectations nyo di nya ma-meet, ano kayo ngayon? batikos dito batikos doon! siguro nga mabuti syang tao, matuwid na mamayan, pero kung sasabihin nyo na mahusay na LIDER? ikwento nyo sa buwan!

  21. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.this is a free country. Not everyone can be a president..kaya nga xa binoto kc d people expected him to do better..hoping that he could make a difference. I honestly don’t see that in him. I had such high hopes fo this guy..but its not too late..sabi nga nila an ordinary man apologises..a real man corrects what was done wrong…i love my country if only our leaders..d people we look up too will love it too and not only think of themselves and their so called “image”…—feeling disappointed 🙁

    • bugok bobo.mas tanga ka ungoy na walang utak jomarie ,ibig mu bang sabihin mas matalino ka kay pinoy?gago kulangot ka lang ni pinoy.

  22. lols! ang daming matatalino sa pinas… di ba niya tiningnan muna kung ano ang mga ginawa ng mga nauna pa ni Pnoy maliban sa kanyang ina, ano tawag dun sa mas masahol pa sa tanga at basura! may ginawa na ba yang jomarie na yan naikabubuti ng bansa?… naka drugs ata ng nag comment sarili nga niyang buhay mas masahol pa siya sa tanga! Gusto ata makita muli ang baboy niyang mukha sa tv… dapat nga makaisa ang bawat Pilipino, kung di man nagawa ng tama ni Pnoy… magagawa rin ba niya mg tama kung siya presidente? bka pag shabuhin niya lang ang pa SAF

  23. harsh, yup, he is. But isnt he just voicing out what many –yes, not most — truly believe? For you who actually think that our president is doing one heck of a job..tsk..tsk..tsk….a leader is suppose to be accountable for anything that goes on within his realm of question. Has he ever claimed responsibility over miscues during his term? You really cant blame the people’s frustration over his lack of’s true, he has to man up.

  24. Naiintindihan ko si Jomari Yllana kung bakit nag-iingay out of Pnoy’s expense! ANG MGA LAOS NA KAGAYA NYA NAGPAPAPANSIN. Ikaw na maging Presidente sa 2016. Let us see how a filthy, stupid starless, brilliantless bold actor like you will run this ungrateful country! Bigyan nga ng magpapagkakitaan itong unggoy na to para maging busy at hindi lumalabas ang kabobohan nya sa mga pinagsasabi nya! Wala lang magawa to kaya nag-iingay!!!

    Ayoko sanang sumahog sa cheap na post na to. Kaso sabi nga “ang unang bumato yung walang kasalanan sa atin” Kaso alam naman natin kung gaano kagulo ang buhay nung HANGAL na nagpapasikat sa post na to. Sana nga mabigyan ng mapagkakakitaan to at ng maging busy! Idle time is the devil’s workshop!

    ANo ba ang nagawa mo at naikontribute sa Pilipinas bukod sa mga basurang pelikula mo at pakabit-kabit sa maruruming babae? Sabagay maganda yan nagpapapansin ka baka nga naman mabigyan ka ulit ng mga roles kahit extra na lang. Hindi ka naman pwede sa corporate at wala kang pinag-aralan. Nagtagumpay ka, napansin ang pagsakay mo sa issue. Tumulong ka na lang kung wala kang masasabing matino. Puntahan mo yung mga pumatay sa 44 nating kababayan at mag-volunteer kang sunugin nila para kahit bobo ka, maging bayani ka! You porno actor is the dumbest of them all.

  25. A crazy remarks from a crazy person.Ano naman ang nagawa mong kabutihan sa buhay mo at kung makapagsalita ka akala mo derecho ka. Ulol ka Jomari yan buhay mo nga hindi mo pa kayang ayusin pakialaman mo ang trabaho ng Presidente. Bakit nung kalakasan ng pagnanakaw ng dating Presidente may mga sinabi ka ba o ginawa. Tarantado ang taong ito kumg maka pag comment akala mo may alam. ikaw na ang dumerecho sa Impyerno.

  26. Oi mr. jomari yllana, bago ka magsalita tingnan mo muna ang sarili diba dati kang addict, may naitulong ka na ba sa Pilipinas, may nagawa ka na ba sa bayan na iyong maipagmamalaki???? eh baka kahit barangay chairman hindi mo kaya ipanalo athindi mo kaya gampanan eh alam mo ba ang trabaho ng Presidente??? ni wala ka namang naishare kung ano ang maganda at dapat gawin para sa ikabubuti ng bansa eh may alam ka ba??? isip isip din pag may time… baka pa ikaw na ang nasa ganung posisyon at sitwasyon eh nas masahol ka pa #[email protected]#[email protected][email protected][email protected]

  27. Sino itong Jomari Yllana na Ito ? na kung mapagsalita ay tila isang napakatapat , walang bahid ng kasalanan ,napakadakila, at tila baga napakatalinong nilalang .

    Datapuwat kung susuriing mabuti ay nagpapahayag na isa palang alagad at kampon ng kadiliman. Si Satanas at ang nilalang na Ito (dili kaya ay kampon ni Satanas) ay madalas din magsalita ng kahambugan at gumagamit din ng verses sa bibliya tulad ng nasa Matthew 4:5-6 New King James Version (NKJV)

    Then the devil took Him up into the holy city, set Him on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written:

    ‘He shall give His angels charge over you,’
    and, In their hands they shall bear you up,
    Lest you dash your foot against a stone.’”

    ‘At bilang panghuli ayon sa isang author na si Bill Blankschaen I will always be a liar unless I become a truth-teller I must not only put off falsehood. I must speak truthfully (Eph. 4:22-25).

    When is a liar not a liar? It’s not just when he isn’t lying. At that moment, I’m just a liar who doesn’t happen to be lying to himself at that moment. It’s when I intentionally speak the truth – even when it’s difficult – that I begin to reverse this pernicious habit that clings to my weary soul.

  28. Grabe k nmn jomari..kala mo nmn me ngawa k n s bansa para mgpost k ng ganun? Maybe the president lacks something, but who are u to judge with that harsh words… so who do u think the best president? GMA? Erap? Ramos?
    Did those ex pres have good records?think first before you post..

    • hindi dapat na lahat na nangyayari sa bayan natin isisi natin sa presidente, bawat isa sa atin ay may pananagutan sa ating bayan….we should be responsible to become a good citizen of this country…do not take all the blame to the president…

  29. Dumb and dumber dapat isama c Pnoy… pinoy style… Bkit cge nga ano ano ba magamdang magawa ng admistration ni Pnoy…???…..!!!! WALA !!!!!!!!!

  30. My apology Mr.President, but of all the events ba naman na you can possibly missed and be absent , bakit naman po ito pa. For what ? For Mitshubishi???! If its not dumbness , then what. How more stupid your adviser can get. As in no one thought of this talaga huh. Ano akala nyo all Filipinos are as insensitive as you . Hayys!

  31. Andami palang Pnoy Supporters dito.
    pag pinasa ang BBL at tuloy tuloy ang peacetalk with the MILF pagdating ng ilang taon pag naka buo na ng napakalakas na puwersa, sasakupin na lang bigla pati visayas at Luzon at yung mga nag cocomment na haters dito babarilin, dudukutan ang mata at susunugin ng buhay

  32. Tingnan mo muna dumi sa mukha mo Bago ka mamuna ng dumi ng iba. Then umalis ka ng Pinas kung Ayaw mo sa Presidente namin dahil wala ka rin maayos na sasabihin mamirmis ka Jomari Yllana asikasuhin mo na lang lovelife mo.

  33. Panung di sya uulanin ng batikos, kada speech nya laging may sinisisi. Kung kelan bumisita ang Pope Francis, saka nya harapan pinahiya ang kapwa nya Pilipino. Na kung tutuusin, sana sa ibang okasyon na lang nya binanggit, hindi yun kung kelan me visiting religious dignitary ang bansa at may mga foreign media na nagku-cover sa event. Kahihiyan ng kababayan nya, damay ang Pilipinas. At kahit pa sabihin na nauna na sa sked nya ang event ng Mitsubishi, pwede naman nya i-cancel at mgpaabot na lang sya ng paumanhin kung bakit di sya mkakarating. Maiintindihan naman siguro ng organizers ng event na mas kelangan nya unahin ang national emergency tulad ng nangyari sa PNP-SAF Fallen 44. E kaso di natinag…. At pumunta pa rin sa car event. So anu nga naman iisipin ng tao? Oo mahirap maging presidente, pero pina-background check ba nya lahat ng nasa gabinete nya? Andami anomalya dyan. Magsalita man ng barubal si Jomari,wala tayo pakialam kung galit sya sa presidente at gusto nya mag-rant. After all yun tax ng kinikita nya sa showbiz, e sa gobyerno din napupunta. Kaya may karapatan sya mag-labas ng frustration nya.

  34. just put yourself in the pnoy shoe.. A lot of problem he is facing.. A lot criticism.. A lot of pressure.. Just try to be on he’s shoe… Baka magpakamatay kayo si jomari addict yan.. Sarali pamilya niya nga sira.. Pero pinoy sya.. Here it is.. That mission is only for higher ups and strictly extractions no back ups.. It is a u.s anti terrorists mission and also the great reward..then why didi the suspended pnp chief resigned after this mission..its not tragedy or accident it is their solemn swear for the country to protect us..but they only take orders..

  35. We Salute you Jomari for that. Those fallen44 will surely appreciate what you have said. Those people that criticize are ignorant . Their ignorance led them to blindness that cause them to be idiot like their idol. “TUWID NA DAAN” well study HS again i am sure you dont know what you are talking about! Those people believe in his legacy, go to bed, sleep well and eat nutritious food. Gutom lang yan! Also to his favorite pet Roxas, kahit ano gawin niyo you will not be the next President of this forsaken country. If ever or you will do some miracle to feed your dreams, and become the president of this country surely and 100% i am sure We are CURSE by God. Just think of this when Pnoy is your president disaster came in this country what else if this continues! Now i understand why Pope, to tell us pilipino to be patience and accept the lord punishments for having leader like them.

  36. wow mali…… Tindeh !!!!!!! Jom walang karir gusto kumarir????? Sige pa tigasan mo pa sintigas ng mukha mo remember mo huthutan yung mga babae mo tapos iwananan??? Tigas pre!!!! Adik!!!!!

  37. Our country cant be a “public-opinion government”.the security and sovereignty of the state must never be based on what the catholic church wants and netizens.its totally ridiculous.

  38. Bigyan ng jacket si jommmm ay hindi bigyan na lng IQ !!!!!!!! Adik di maintindihan gusto sabihin ng adik yun oh may video game daw at may dayuhang mapupute hahahahahhaha high na naman si adik!!!!! Bangag!!!!

  39. Alam ko na isa ang pilipinas sa mga bansang mayaman,kung walang currupt sa goberyno.Kawawa naman ang mga taong nangangailangan ng tulong d sila napapansin ang laman ng balita puro nakawan sa kaban ng bayan.Kaya marami na rin mga mag nanakaw kasi sa hirap,pati sa mga taong gustong mag trabaho hinde na sila matanggap kasi may age limit paano naman makaka pag hanap buhay ang mga taong gustong mag trabaho..Kawawa naman sila..

  40. Sobra ka naman makapag comment Jomari. Hindi ako maka Pnoy, pero unfair yang sinabi mo. Ikaw ba perfect ka sa naging karelasyon mo kay Aiko at Pops? SIMPLE nga lang ang ginampanan mong role sa kanila eh palpak ka how much more ang pangulo sa isang bansa?
    Isipin mo na di porket Pangulo nga sya, pero hindi rin nya hawak ang bawat takbo ng utak ng mga tao much more ang mga galamay nya.
    Pero aminado din akong merong ngang malaking pagkaamali sa handling ng SAF operation kaya nga merong mga cabinete para madesignate ang mga responsibilities. Iisa lang katawan nya. Pero sabihan mong tanga ang Presidente?? Napaka Egoistic mo, Proud of yourself akala mo sino kang nagmamagaling, ayusin mo muna ang buhay mo tingnan mo sarili mo what went wrong from your relationships….But in fairnes ang cute mo♡♡♡

    • tama ka kix, yes, we have freedom of expression but it is not right to abuse such freedom. Grabe kong maka criticize….parang perfect sya..yes the president may lack some aspect in his governance but his sincerity to serve his countrymen is there, only that he is surrounded by people who want to pull him down…

  41. I think Jomari Yllana is the stupid Human Being i ever heard to judge the President just like that. You Mr. Jomari Yllana look at your self in the mirror and turn back then think 1000 times before you judges other people. You see That’s our problem as a Filipino, pag naka patong nasa kalabaw akala mo kalabaw ka rin ka laki, at tingin mo sa sarili mo ikaw na yong pinaka magandang lalaki sa mundo.
    Well I’m so sorry may mas marami pa dyan isippin mo sa buong mundo kahit toldok ni hindi ka nga makita. so think about it my friend before you say something.

  42. Natumbok mo rin Jomari ang salitang matagal ko nang gustong ipagsigawan mula pa nong Yolanda! Anong klaseng ama ng bansa yan pinipili lang ang mga biktimang dadalawin. Kala nga namin kami lang ang di nya sisiputin yon pala pati sarili nyang mga kawal na nasa mga kabaong na yon ha…di rin sinipot! Samantalang sya ang mastermind non ha! Kung ikaw normal ang pag iisip mo at may pagmamahal ka sa mga tao mo gagawin mo ba yon? Sige wag kang magsisinungaling. Ikaw na nakakabasa nito ngayon pinatay ang kapatid mo binasag pa ang bungo walang mata putol ang leeg dahil sa ilegal na utos ng pangulo ipaglalaban mo pa kaya siya????? SAGOT!!!

  43. Malapit na eleksyon, tatakbo ba itong si Yllana, umeepal na? Boy, magbasa ka ng bibliya para maliwanagan ang pag-iisip mo. Baka ma-karma ka at ikaw ang mapunta sa lugar na gusto mong tahakain ng mga kasama sa gabinete.

  44. Get a grip you people! He has a point he only cares for our fellow filipinos, have reality ever slaps your faces? Magising kayo sa katotohanan. Maybe Pnoy in other hand help us pero is that enough? Kulang na kulang pa rin. I may not be in his shoes pero sana naman makamit nya ang pagkukulang nya sa bansa natin. And to his government screw you!! You only cares for yourselves!


  45. dami nyong mga tanga… kung mga kaanak nyo yung mga pinatay na saf ano gagawin nyo… tingnan nyo yung king ng jordan sya pa mismo nanguna para bombahin mga isis.. tang ina kahit pumatay yung mga MILF wala lang asan ang batas??wala ehh bobo yung presidenteng panot

  46. Does he think he is a perfect guy? When his name is mentioned anywhere the first 2 things that come to mind are “drug addict” and “womanizer”.

    • He criticized a president who’s incompetency costs us 44 lives! Whose talking about perfection!? How incompetent more could you guys be like the president your defending!!!!

  47. I couldn’t believe you (Jomarie) can criticize just like that without any doubt in your head? You are just a damn arrogant who didn’t know what you are saying. Did you ever ask your self if you are capable of giving substantive or sensible ideas that your son can learn from you?
    Nobody is perfect that’s why nobody can just judge anybody. The president is the commander-in-chief but he is not the one making decisions on the battle field. How can you coordinate with MILF, BMFF and other rebels if you are capturing wanted criminal or terrorists within that areas of Mindanao without leaking the information? It’s easy to say than done!!!

  48. I can’t help it but to sympathize our President, I do believe that all he wants is for our country’s betterment nothing else
    Why judge him that easy?

  49. nagkataon lang na artista si joemari, pero sa totoo lang, madami talaga nagsasabi na tanga si PNOY, gusto nya kasi pabangohin uli si purisima, suspended..nag bibigay ng order…?para nga naman ma justify ni PNOY nya na tama ang pag appoint nya dito as leader ng kapulisan….eh…bulilyaso….so…RESIGN….ganun na lang ba yun…kawawang SAF44…trial en error….R.I.P

  50. Grabe!!jomari Yllana??? Did you ever go to school to learn a little manners man lang??? The way you said it sounds like you are so uneducated individual!! Tama Na!! If you feel sorry for the soldier..please pray!!!! Stop blaming or pointing fingers.. Wag nyo naman Kalimutan that God has His Please respect that!!kung totoong Mabuti kang tao!!

  51. Bago ka sana magsalita ng masama tungkol sa kapwa mo, tingnan mo muna ang buhay mo. Marami kasi sa atin, magaling lang pumuna sa pagkakamali ng iba. Bakit Hindi natin simulan sa sarili. 🙂

  52. Kahit critical din ako sa movement ng Pangulo hindi pa rin ako pwedeng magsalita ng deretso laban sa kanya. respeto lng ang kailangan., Jomari.

  53. OMG….sisihan dito…sisihan doon….pagalingan ng comment wow nmn.Sana tigilin na to..kasi wala na tayo magawa e…lahat ng mga nangyari dito at sa buong mundo, nakaprogram na yan sa taas…at may mga reason behind kung bakit nangyari lahat ito….so lets pray na lang….PEACE….GODBLESS US ALL!!!

  54. Ang dami dito Pinupuna kung ano ang sinabi ni Jomari Yllana, “Freedom of Expression” wala kayong magagawa kung ano man ang sinabi nya, kasi yun ang nararamdaman nya sa sinapit ng mga #FALLEN44. Paano pa kung kapamilya mo ang isa sa kanila. kahit ako na hindi ko sila kilala, masakit tanggapin ang sinapit nila kaya kahit anong pagmumura na sabihin ko sa presidente natin wala kayong magagawa. PUTANG INA MO PNOY!!!! GAGO KA TANGA KA!!!! MAMATAY SANA ANG BUONG PAMILYA MO (wag naman sana mangyari yang sinabi ko). kahit siguro edukadong tao kung mangyari sa isa relatives mo ang brutal na pag paslang sigurado ako at gaganti ka rin kung may pagkakataon.

  55. Walang malinis sating lahat,sinabi lng ni Jomari ung gusto nya sabihin.ung cnsabi nyong addict at babaero,anong koneksyon nun sa pagsasabi ng saloobin ng isang tao,sumagot ung malinis d2,ang issue is ung nangyaring insidente hindi kung cno ang dapat magkomento ng pangit base sa pagkatao ng magsasabi..kung ung malinis lng ang pwede magkomento,abay bakit andito kayo at nagsasalita.wala tayo pakialam kung ano gusto sabihin ng isang tao against sa kapwa nya,opinyon nya un eh.meron pa nagsabi na dapat igalang ang pangulo at ituring na ama o tatay ng bansa,tanong ko,ano naman turing satin ni pnoy?sa palagay mo ndi ba paggalang ung pagbibigay sa kanya ng oportunidad na maging pangulo.para sa amin,TANGA,DUWAG AT WALANG KWENTA SI PNOY BILANG PRESIDENTE!!!!!PNOY HINDI KA DAPAT NAGING BAHAGI NG ISANG ARAW AT TATLONG BITUIN…..

  56. Para patas at ng ndi magpakamatay aring mga maka “PNOY KUNO”bat ga naman kc ganun Jomari?bat mo ga naman sinabing si pnoy ang pinakatangang presidente sa kasaysayan ng pinas?hindi mo ga alam na matalino nga,at sa sobrang talino ay hindi na nag-asawa at alam nyang problema iyon.Duwag lng at gawa ng takot na matulad sa kapatid na si Kris, na ala ng naging maayos na relasyon.Ang hinahanap ata eh lalaking tatlo bayag,nakupo ay maglilimang buhay ka eh ala kang makikitang makatuwid,”MATALINONG DUWAG”si pnoy.wag mo namang sabihing tanga si pnoy at hindi naman tanga,TANGANG TANGA LNG…PARENG JOMZ,ganire ang mainam,idonate mo kay pnoy ang isa mong bayag at ng tumapang naman…

  57. Bakit ba sa twing may sempleng syang ginagawa eh.. puro hugas kamay na lang lagi pam-bato nya… ung last speech nya tungkol sa mga fallen44. tunog plastic at walang sinseredad. kesyo di daw nya alam o ano pa man. una sa lahat ikaw ang leader ng bansa. hindi naman siguro raid lang sa talipapahan ung pupuntahan nila para hindi na ipaalam pa sayo, kung sisihin mo ung nakaraang nakaupo, abay.. PUTANG-INA ganun na ba katagal sa bansa ung terrorista na yan. pwede na ata syang magpalit na nationality sa sobrang tagal na nya dito sa pinas. matanong kita kapatid Ganun ba ung gusto mo sa isang presidente. alam mo at alam ko naman na presidente sya pero hindi nabubuhay ang bansa dahil sa sakanya.. un ay sa buwis ng bawat filipinong mang-gagawa. kung sisisihin mo ako keyso sino ba ang nagluklok sakanya sa pwesto.. sorry po ser/mam. di ko po siya ibinoto. so pwede sisihin nyo na lang mga sarili nyo at NAGPAKATANGA kayo. nahuka lang kayo sa pangalan at mga matatamis na salita. anong kinaiba nun sa pagboto ng isang artista. wala. kasi nahalal lang sila dahil sa pangalan at hindi dahil sa gawa.


  58. Jomari, it is very unkind of you to say that. How can you say that while I am sure you do not know all the facts? Maaaring mas tanga ang mga nagbibigay ng judgment ngayon dahil hindi gawain ito ng mga taong may maayos na decision-making skills at judgment. Nakakahiya ang mga ganitong klase ng remarks. I am praying for all those who are like you, sana dumating ang panahon na magkaroon kayo ng mas malawak na pag-iisip. Hintayin natin ang resulta ng imbestigasyon at kapag napatunayan na ang Presidente ang dapat managot sa pangyayari, so be it. But still, let us refrain from letting poisonous words come out of our mouths coz these are a “reflection of what we do not like in ourselves”. In short, sabi nila, kung ano ang pinupuna mo strongly sa isang tao na walang solid na basehan, ganun ka at ikaw ang may problema hindi sya. TSK. TSK

  59. JOMARI YLANA: Huh??!!! Then, suddenly, you are making a statement such as this one? Who will ever believe you or listen to you? You are a dumb celebrity, yourself, with no accomplishments, either, to share with our countrymen. You are just letting your emotions overcome you. Nakikisabay ka lang sa issue without ever thinking. Are you on drugs again? SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP!

  60. unang bumato ang walang kasalanan, akala mo nmn malinis ka kung magsalita ka, pakabit kabit din naman ang buhay mo, laos ka na kase kaya gumagawa ka ng ingay para mapansin

  61. Pumapanig ka lang Jomarie sa mga kaibigan kong aktor na nakakulong ngayon dahil pangungulimbat sa kaban ng bayan. Sa iyo narin nanggaling na hindi corrupt na presidente si Pnoy. Pasalamat naka doon dahil siya lang presidente ng Pilipinas na nakapagpapakulong ng maraming corrupt government officials. Kayabang mo namang magsalita na akala mo matuwid ka. Sigurado akonangangarap ka ding maging presidente ng Pilipinas.

  62. For someone like Jomari to comment like that to Pinoy parang di bagay. Nagpapakontrobersyal ba sya, coz he is eyeing for public office, maybe this is not the right time para magpakilala. Marami pang panahon hindi itong pagluluksa ng buong sambayanang Pilipino.

  63. Who are you mr.jomari yllana? Dating naging drug anu ba nagawa mo para sa bansa natin? May naitulong ka ba para sa kapakanan ng kapwa mo pilipino? Huwag kanh manghusga sa kapwa mo para hindi ka rin husgahan! I would like to recommend this most dumbed actor to declare him as persona non grata!!!

  64. We Filipino should not look only on that aspect because all of us are not perfect, our gratitude to SAF heroes is there because they fought against terrorism and by the way that is their job. Let’s face also our economy as a nation, for our information, The Philippines is now Asia’s second-fastest growing
    economy in 2014 after China – See more at: thanks to Pres. Noy administration, our President is not worthy to be called as Dumb. We should thank Him for our future and the next generation. God bless everyone.

  65. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. while any may disagree, one must try to understand the message and learn from it. try to disregard any emotion and see it for what it is.
    as citizen s of the state we have the fundamental right to chose our leaders and chastise them for their failures and mistakes committed either by commission or omission. we elected them into that position and chose to lead us and our country. it is wrong for us to meekly allow them to exploit their position. kumbaga kung tatalon sila sa banggin sasabay ba tayo kasi sila ang pinuno natin?
    if they are taking us and our country to collapse, is it not our national obligation to right this wrong? and how do you expect to that; by keeping quiet ? or the bahala na attitude? that will not work people.
    you have to express your self. gather enough signatures….. anything so that we may be heard so that the trend can be arrested and the change to be enacted upon.
    if anyone is to be blamed it would be the people who worked to put the leader into office. they knew his capabilities and capacity. the spin doctors who created the propaganda. the alma mater, the alumni and alumna. they ll knew yet it yet they did not do the right thing. practice what you preach.
    it began with you people. do the honorable thing. start it so our country can begin its recovery. prayers will help but it is not going to get the job done.

  66. magsi tigil kau sa mga walang kwentang comment nyo…. hindi c pnoy ang ang dikdikin nyo.MILF ang may panangutan sa lahat ng nangyari sa saf…kung di cla tumulong sa biff maaring buhay p ung 44 na saf trooper…ang milf my snifer sya ang nkakakita ng malapitan sa mga kaaway nila…d b nila n nakita sa telescop nlia na ang tinitira nila ay alagad ng batas na kaalyado nila sa gobyerno at myroong kasunduan ang gobyrno at ng milf para sa kapayapaan sa mindanao….

  67. ikaw jomari…magko comment ka lang..husayan mo nmn idol p nmn kita dahil babaero ka….sa lahag ng babaero ikaw ung pinaka, super,at mega na gago na tao sa republika ng pilipinas…i luv u

  68. Huwag nyo ng patulan ang laos na artista, appansin lang kasi, wala ng career mag swiming ka nalang sa bulok nyong pool sa bhay huh

  69. Jomari Yllana is just voicing out his opinions regarding the mamasapano incident. He is just being very vocal, maybe out of pity to those whose lives were lost in the encounter, especially Penoy being the commander in chief of all the Armed Forces of the Philippines. His voicing out of his opinion has nothing to do with his personal life. The issue here is the president and the mamasapano incident. Not only highly educated and clean people can air their grievances and opinions against what they perceived to be the inability of the president in facing difficult and critical situations such as the mamasapano incident. Every citizens of the country young and old, rich or poor, educated or not have equal rights to air to our president how they feel, especially the president always saying that the people are his masters, “kayo ang aking Boss” so that penoy is really accountable to the people and Jomari as one of Penoy’s bosses who has given right by the president to reprimand him for his misdemeanors has all the right to say what he perceived to be about the president’s incapacity and inability to face and resolve such a situation like the mamasapano incident where 44 lives were sacrificed. I, you and everyone has the right to express their own opinion and that includes Jomari. Let us respect each other’s opinion and if you don’t agree with one, express yours but not in a manner as if you are being paid by the president to defend him up to the extent of maligning the persons personal life whose opinions is opposed to yours.



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