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5 Epic Recorded Live Whistle Registers Nina Should Watch!

Simply being able to hit a high note was not enough to guarantee a singer a spot but to whistle is a plus factor.

This may sound sarcasm but honestly, Nina is one of the many underrated singers we have in our country. She’s the Asia’s Diamond Soul Siren, as her fans call her, but she’s rarely seen in TV nowadays. She has a lot of talents for her fans to see, yet few offers for Nina to showcase all of these. Still, the whole thing boggles the mind.

Yesterday, Nina did an epic whistle, now known as ‘kettle’ register as netizens call it, obviously because as it sounds like whistle of a boiling water in a kettle. Sounds awful! Really! This maybe she lacks practice since she’s not busy, she has no whos, or maybe she’s sick. I don’t know.

Other than Nina, there are only few, I know who can whistle really well on live performances – of course there’s Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha, Soul Princess Jonalyn Viray, Morisette Amon, Klarisse de Guzman and Rachelle Ann Go. Singers who can do a whistle register were really rare.

We have compiled a list of the best local singers who have mastered that feat! Nina should see the following performances below and learn from them!

5. Rachelle Ann Go

4. Kyla

3. Morisette Amon

2. Jonalyn Viray

1. Lani Misalucha

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  1. aba ang admin dito biased, bakit kinukwestyon mo ang pagka singer ni Nina, hindi naman perfect lahat na GMA singers ah, kahit si Regine maraming piyok

  2. Okay kids, maybe you are too young to know who Vernie Varga is. You all should learn the best whistle and vocal range from her. Ang babata niyo pa para mag compare. Susmaryosep. At ikaw naman Nina, next time huwag mang-upstage ha. Maturity is control.
    True blue artists all know the vocal range of Vernie Varga especially when she does Al Jarreu’s Take 5…kaso ignorante pa kayo eh. At pwede ba tigilan na yang mga tag tag na yan na mga “Soul Siren”, “Soul Princess”, “Nightingale” ek ek. Kahit sila Lani Misalucha acknowledge nila ang vocal range prowess ni Vernie Varga. Kaso musmos palang itong writer eh. Walang alam kung hindi yung nasa Asap at nasa Syete.

  3. ok naman si nina..galing nga eh! 🙂 nice nasa ASAP na talaga halos lahat ng magagaling na singers ng pinas!



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