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US TV show, Taiwanese Animators poke fun at diaper-wearing MMDA enforcers

The news about Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will have their enforcers wear diapers for the papal visit in the Philippines has gone viral. It even reached Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” and Taiwanese Animators which prompted them to do an episode about it.

Jon Stewart, for the segment ‘Diaper hard’ of “The Daily Show” commented, “You heard me right! So large and inevitable will the crowds be when Pope Francis visits Philippines, authorities in the capital city are having their law enforcement officials wear diapers,” said Stewart.

“Now I get it why so many Filipinos are also protesting the police with those ‘I can’t breathe shirt,” Stewart added.

Here’s the video “The Daily Show’s” ‘Diaper hard’ segment:

Meanwhile, Taiwanese Animators made a video of their reaction on MMDA enforcers rocking in adult diapers.

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  1. that wearing diaper was just a trial and error wearing within the police campus and not in the was just one of the solution that they think if it works but it didn’t instead they used other alternative you,jon stewart,we are a big fan on your show here in the philippines but it seems discouraging that you didnt research really before airing on your show..GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.



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