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Alsons Aquaculture Corp. (AAC), considered the biggest bangus exporter in PH

Since Sarangani Province is best known for producing the best quality of milkfish or bangus in the country, we visited Alsons Aquaculture Corporation (AAC), known as the largest breeder, processor and exporter of premium branded bangus (milkfish) products under the Sarangani Bay trademark.

During the field tour, we got to see the processes involved in making premium quality milkfish, from the feeding stage to the harvesting stage. Aside from milkfish, we also got to check out other seafood products they make such as sea bass and pampano.

Nearly 7,000 metric tons of fish are farmed in the pristine waters of Southern Mindanao – across 50,000 cubic meters of sea cages and 350 hectares of brackish water ponds. Beginning with its entry into the US market in 1997, Sarangani Bay now exports more than half of its processed harvest to Filipino communities in the US, US Armed Forces Commissaries (Worldwide), Canada, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Guam, Malaysia and Japan. Today these same high quality products have gained strong and loyal patronage in major retail and food service accounts in key cities of the Philippines.

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The highlight of our tour was when we got to taste their world-class seafood products. We were treated with sumptuous meals like smoked bangus, rellenong bangus, dinning na bangus, spanish sardines, buttered shrimp, and steamed pampano.

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Needless to say, the tour became a fun, gastronomic adventure for us.

Cooked foods from Alsons:

IMG_0976 IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0983

Currently, Alsons Aquaculture Corp. employs around 2,000 work force from Sarangani Province, General Santos City and nearby municipalities.

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