Snake with limbs captured in Isabela

A rare discovery of snake which has legs is creating a huge buzz online and local residents flock into barangay Mallig, Isabela to see the exceptional reptile.

Noberto Gambol Jr, mistakenly seen a rope but it was actually a snake with limbs crawling around the carton box.

“Nu’ng una kala ko po tali, nung hinawakan kusa ng gumalaw,” He said

When he has decided to throw it, he noticed that it has limbs.

“Tatapon na sana namin pero napansin namin may paa kaya po namangha po kami,” He added.

Residents take pleasure in saying that the reptile maybe the brood of the Dragon which is on Gambol’s carved door.

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Local residents give different views on the strange living creature noting that it may bring luck. While an old man perceived that this is a sign that an epic disaster might be coming.

Forestry expert said, snake has limbs caused by genetic mutation.

Meanwhile, Gambol family preserve the dead snake.

Written by dailypedia

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