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Does the Philippine Media Have Too Much Freedom? Noli and Korina’s Controversial Sentiments on Typhoon Ruby

As the Philippines begins to experience yet another super typhoon, two top veteran Philippine news anchors gave their sentiments as to what they wish would happen in the next few days: for Typhoon Ruby to change its direction and to move towards Japan.

Last December 3, during the discussion of TV Patrol’s news anchors, Noli De Castro and Korina Sanchez candidly discussed about praying for the typhoon to change its direction.

What seemed to be just a usual exchange of views have ired many netizens.

Here’s what they said about the typhoon:

Korina Sanchez: Kaya pa natin idasal yan para lumihis. (We can still pray that the typhoon change its direction)

Noli de Castro: Alam mo, sana’y hati na lang tayo. Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan. (You know, I hope only half the typhoon will hit us and the other half will hit Japan)

Noli: Huwag naman. (Hope not.)

Korina: Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila. (Let Japan have it all. Looks like they’re more capable.)

Korina on the Hotseat

This exchange of ideas got a lot of different opinions from netizens, some saying that Sanchez was very unprofessional and irresponsible. A few netizens however defended Sanchez, saying that she was only highlighting that Japan is capable of recovering from the typhoon. As most netizens have said, no matter if her intention was to spare the Philippines from the typhoon, wishing ill for Japan was totally uncalled for.

Here’s what one of the netizen’s comment:

Is Noli to blame as well?

Although most netizens focused on Sanchez’s opinion, De Castro actually “sparked” the idea of the typhoon going to Japan’s direction. He was the first to mention how he wished that the Philippines will only experience “half” of the typhoon and the other half to head to Japan.  Now, why is all the blame on Korina?

A netizen commented on Noli’s opinion:

inset 2

A History of Controversies

In 2006, Sanchez was rumored to have been suspended from ABS-CBN for one week due to conflict of interest as reported in the Inquirer.

In 2013, Sanchez was also involved in another controversy involving her and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Sanchez, then gave her opinion that Cooper “does not know what he is talking about” which became a hot topic even in international media. Many netizens gave their negative opinions on Sanchez, and even Cooper gave a statement through CNN daring Sanchez to visit the Haiyan-stricken areas. Although, she was not suspended from the network, she was rumored to have been advised to take a “vacation” which she eventually denied, saying that she had a scheduled trip to Ormoc which was also devastated by Haiyan.

Photo Credit: Whazzup Pilipinas
Photo Credit: Whazzup Pilipinas


Does the Philippine Media Have Too Much Freedom?

“Freedom of the Press” gives us the right to express our opinions without any restrictions from the government, and the Philippines has that freedom, but do we already have too much of it? Are the veteran news personalities’ opinions getting out of hand? What kind of views should be aired and what shouldn’t? Are people just overreacting to Sanchez’s view? Should they axe the end-credit discussion on TV Patrol? What’s next for Korina? These are just a few questions that need an answer. And they need an answer now.

Watch the controversial discussion below and leave a comment.

Written by G.A. Viray

G.A. had a lot of professional working experiences in different fields and industries before finally deciding to write articles in 2014. She is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian who also has a passion for teaching, training and facilitating. More than all her skills and passions, she is very much grateful that she is blessed with an adorable daughter and a loving husband.


  1. ok lng un gusto lng nla ma spare ang mga filipino sa calamities dahil di pa nga tau nakakarecover kay yolanda masyado lng mapanuru ang ilang netizens

  2. there’s not much freedom in Philippine media unlike the US, they have the 1st amendment which allows media people to even mock personalities without getting sued as basis for a satirical opinion. Their comments were basically stupid in nature (which probably reflects their way of thinking) and not because of freedom. A hypothetical suggestion of splitting a typhoon to share between 2 countries is farcically stupid, who in their right mind would ever imagine of such a thing?

  3. this will not happen if they will follow the certain rule in CBB or the Closing Bill board of their program. dapat kasi wala nang adlib conversation. Based on what I have learned in our major communication class as a furture journalist.

  4. I’m a 4th year student of FEU. I stopped watching primetime local news since being educated about journalism ethics and how opinionated media is substantially influential. I also quit trusting free TV primetime news programs when I noticed how news anchors started to sound like palengkeras in their viewpoints and set up compromised standards as of cheap showbiz tabloid/talk show hosts.

  5. somobra n kc ang yabang s height nila,mga untouchable kya ganyan,wla ng journalism ethics yng mga yn,puro yabang n lng

  6. It is just a wish and granted. If none was said we might be hardly hit. I think we Filipinos do not accept some opinions n comments. Let us be mature. If they have not said that then we might have great pain this time from this typhoon. Let us wake up. Accept wisdom and perhaps truth that we are short of handling calamities. 22 typhoons a year are headaches. This is more than a bomb. Philippines has to go back to God and we will be spared. Oslec

  7. bobo ampupu…anong klaseng tao yan?para ipagdasal nila na sana iba nalang ang tamaan ng bagyo,! padaplis lang daw pero signal no.3 parin,!haha..pwede naman ipagdasal na humina o tuluyan ng mawala kesa, ipagdasal na sana sa iba nalang tumama!!

  8. mali pa rin si korina hindi biro ang pag sasabi ng sa japan nalang sana dahil kaya nila agad makabangon sana sinabi nalang niya na sana mawala nalang yung bagyo oipray na walang matamaan na bansa .

  9. Para sa akin mali ang ginawa nila noli at korina, baket nila gugustuhin na maligtas ang sarili nila habang ipanpanalangin na mapahamak ang iba?! Baket d nlang ipanalangin n humina or malusaw nlang ang bagyo at wala na sana ni isang bansa man na mapinsala?
    Kahit sabihin pa na kaya ng japan at walang masamang motibo sa sinabi nila tama b na ipanalangin na cla ang mapahamak? Kung maalala natin nung tayo napinsala mga batang hapon nagbigay ng sarili nila mga baon at pera para itulong sa pilipinas tapos tayo eto ngayon mas gugustuhin na sila ang mapinsala? Ganun ba tumanaw ng UTANG NA LOOB ANG MGA PILIPINO?

  10. It was a joke. A joke we should not take seriously. Why are these so called netizens giving it such a great big deal? Dont they have any good thing that they can do aside from commenting on peoples opinion. And this happened dec.3 its already dec.9 why do this blog sites on facebook keep resurfacing this old news? Arent there any worthy news to report? Lets move on PHILIPPINES! Stop sensationalizing trivial matters. Annoying much!!

    • baliw kaba? kalikasan?! jinojoke nyu? mga buang pala sila eh! kahit jowk yun, BE PROFESSIONAL.. MAyabang kasi yang si korina pati si noli eh… sa halip na magkaroon ng world peace, nagkakaroon pa ng war dahil sa mga reporter na Unprofessional.. SAna aman turuan ng ABS-CBN ang mga repoter nila ng manners o galang!

    • Welcome to the internet world, dear. And besides, kahit sabihin na nating, okay. biro lng. Just so you know, hindi yun magandang biro na kailangang i-tolerate.

  11. Ok kung sabihin ko na pamilya mo na lang ang tamaan ng bagyo kasi mas kaya nyong bumili ng bahay tapos sabihin ko joke?…sabi nga masama ang ipanalangin ang kapahamakan ng iba!!!

  12. Let’s all be sensitive nmn po..ang japan ilang beses nang tinamaan ng tsunami at bagyo pero nkakabangon parin sila..ito ay dahil sa lhat sila ay nagtutulong tulong pra ayusin ang banda nila..hnd sla umaasa lamang sa mga tulong ng ibng bansa o sa tulong ng iba..npaka organized nla at tinutungan dn nla ang sarili nla pra mkatayo sila ulit sa sarili nlang paa..ang comment ng dalawang anchors ay insensitive..pnapatunayan lng nla na sarili lng nla ang iniisip nla..tingin nyo b pra sa pilipinas ang winiwish nla?cgro for the gud of the philippines pro sna nmn isipin nla na may nga pilipino dn sa japan..

  13. I think.. hindi lang napigilan ni Korina lumabas ang tunay na kulay niya. Yes she wanted to spare the PH but wishing ill for others is not good, public figure siya e. okay lang sana kung ordinaryong tao lang siya na nagbibigay ng comment. May mali din naman si dating vp Noli though. Maybe it was a joke. But jokes are meant to be funny, and it was not funny. It’s not funny to wish ill for others. Eh paano kung nagreact Japan? Admit it, we are not a “that” strong country. Kung pinatulan tayo ng Japan? ideport mga ofw dun? or worse? diba? Public figures should be sensitive. Well, tanggapin na natin. Nagkamali talaga sila. It’s okay to commit mistakes. So i guess hayaan na lang wag ng gawing issue. Baka lalo pa maisip ng Japan patulan tayo. haha!

  14. korina is right!! japan is capable of recovering any global situations in just a short period of time ,,due to high corruption here in the philippines, mabagal ang recovery natin,
    korina is total right, a bitch and uncultured person that says korina is unprofessional

  15. No one should judge anyone…let us just pray for the Philippines and other countries salvation……..

  16. with freedom comes responsibility…. yes, de castro and sanchez wanted to spare the nation from devastation, but they have to be fully conscious of what they say on air. not all viewers would’ve understood their points and intentions.

  17. This is an immature way of expressing own freedomness. They don’t deserve to be there, they’re not enough as proffesionals though.

  18. Itulad ntin ang sarili ntin sa kanila ni noli at korina…na hndi tau ferpect..although n nagkamali sila…pero khit ppanu…my point prin sila…dahil masyado n taung inaabuso ng kalikasan…dahil masyado nring taung umaabuso sa nature…dahil hndi tau united nation…kaya aq khit anu man cla…idolo qparin cla bilang mga news anchors…dhil npatunayan na nila kng sino ang tanung tau b????…!!!wala!!!

  19. ang anas ng puso na may ikapapahamak ng iba ay hindi magandang pananalangin o wish pareparehong tao ang mga Pilipino at mga Japanese. kung wala din lang maibubungang maganda ang sasabihin o opinyon mas mainam pa na wala na lang ganyang segment ang TV PATROL hindi makatao ang naging opinyon ni SANCHEZ.



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