DOH: High HIV Infections Caused by Risk-taking in Sex

MANILA, Philippines- Department of Health(DOH) spokesperson Lyndon L. Lee Suy said that risk-taking in unprotected sex is a major factor contributing to the higher rate of HIV infections in the Philippines.

Unhealthy sexual practices such as casual and frequent sex with more than one person without protection may lead to the unstoppable rise of new HIV cases in the next few years. Currently, there are 16 new infections a day in the country.

A report made by the DOH HIV Registry revealed 585 new infections, AIDS cases and deaths on July this year, the highest number of cases recorded in a month. Statistics showed  96% are males aged 20-29 years old. Moreover, 309 were AIDS cases. Sexual contact among males was the main mode of HIV transmission.

Lee Suy said: “The huge and rapid increase of HIV infections is a result of more people getting tested because their fears have lessened and they are aware of their risks,”

DOH  Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag said there are already group discussions among males regarding the transmission and prevention of HIV epidemic.

But Tayag explained: “But when shown sexual and porn images, they lost their willpower and self-control and said they might no longer use protection during sex,”

Technology: Drives Youth to Become Experimental

Tayag stressed that the new information in media influences the youth to try on new things.

The 2013 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Survey (YAFS) conducted by researchers of University of the Philippine Population Institute (UPPI) showed that new technology has given young people more opportunities to meet partners and have intercourse. The study, which involved 19,178 youth aged 15 to 24, also showed that one in every four young people have received or sent a sex video via Internet or mobile phone.

It was also found that such practice was more common among men in Metro Manila.

According to the survey, four in every 100 had intercourse with someone they met via internet or text message. Also, one in every 100 create their own sex videos.

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