This Old Beggar Was Able To Send His Kids To A University and Built His Family A House. You Would Not Believe How Much This Old Man Earns

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An elderly man from Jiangsu province is always seen in the streets of Beijing trying to survive through begging. But unlike other beggars, the old man was able to earn more than enough. Imagine a monthly remittance worth 10,000 RMB ($1,600) for his family! That’s above what an ordinary employee could earn in a month!

According to a Shanghaiist source, the money he earns from his everyday solicitation is their family’s source of income. In fact, he was able to send his 3 children to a university and built a two-story house in his hometown.

The aged grandpa frequently goes to the post office to remit an amount of 10,000 RMB every month, and up to 20,000 RMB on holidays. He would usually count the money on the floor before handing it to the counter to send to their address.

Then, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, he was in the said post office for 3 days because he could not count all of his money in one day. He then asked for help from the people there telling them he’d give 100 RMB as tip to anyone who would help him count the money. The security guard and the clerk gladly obliged but according to them they won’t take tips from him as he has become their regular and big customer.

This story raised various opinions from the public.

“Some jokingly said, Wait, wait, wait. What kind of qualifications does he hold? I don’t think anyone should be allowed to beg in Beijing without 10 previous years of documented begging in the country and before having passed the national bar for beggars. ” – Zen my Ass

While some cannot believe, saying,

“10,000 RMB (1,600 USD) ? Are You Kidding Me?! There are many people in China who work at least three months for that money, and a beggar earn so much money ? I understand that

he supports his family ,but what about the people who work very hard and barely get money for food or money to send their kids to college, but they have pride and do not beg for anything from anyone? What about them ?” –Qiu Sandy

“Not sure i believe the report, or maybe the old guy borrowed all those bills and put on a show – most chinese can’t be that generous, especially to beggars, whether they are old, young or disabled” – Nightrider

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