Facebook Spam Alert: Mark Gil’s death used to spread virus


Shortly after the whole entertainment industry morn for veteran actor Mark Gil’s sudden death, spammers used this trending news to spread malicious files in social networking sites specifically Facebook.

In one of the recently discovered spam that is currently being shared in Facebook, Mark Gil as the subject of the said video, supposedly recorded his last statement before he died. Going to the website will only ask users to “like” and “share” the post – a click-bait technique that has been going on for a while and is very much effective to attract would-be victims.

The malicious website  imitates Facebook layout while the domain is copied with that of ABS-CBN’s which make the entire threat attack looks legit. Also, the hoax video has large ads that entice visitors to click or download the concerned video. By doing so, users are exposing their computers and mobile devices to viruses associated to these ads.

Once again, we advise users to be more vigilant on videos and links that they are sharing online to avoid having your computers and smartphones infected with a virus. Make sure that you have installed and updated antivirus software as pre-cautionary measure against these types of threats.

Written by dailypedia

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