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Brave Store Employee Saves Child from Hostage Taker in Surigao

A store employee is being hailed as hero after he saved a young girl from the clutches of a hostage taker who was holding her at knifepoint in front of a business establishment in Surigao, reports Kicker Daily.

The hostage taker, a man in his 40s, had a knife on the child’s neck. Even though a large crowd was already gathered in front of the store and the police were trying to negotiate with the man, he still would not let go of the child.

When the man was momentarily distracted, a store employee dashed towards him, pushing the knife away from the child’s neck. Spurned by the man’s actions, the rest of the crowd pounced on the hostage taker while others wrestled the child from his clutches, says blog site Toongaw.

The crying child was taken to a woman who seemed to be her mother. It was not clear why she was taken hostage or whether the family knew the man.

Meanwhile, the police had a hard time breaking the scuffle apart. When they finally succeeded in separating the hostage taker from the melee, he was already covered in bruises and cuts from the hands of the angry mob. They placed him in handcuffs and brought him to the police precinct.

The dramatic rescue was caught on camera by Matteo Menesis who was standing a few feet away from store. Watch it here:

Written by Joy Adalia

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  1. Parangalan yan at bigyan ng matinong trabaho. Hindi yong mga corrupt na mambabatas kuno. Mabuhay ka Dong at ikaw ay isang bayani sa puso’t isip ng bawat Pilipino.



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