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VIRAL VIDEO: 3-Year-Old Girl Wakes Up at Her Own Funeral

A 3-year-old girl was supposed to be buried last July 12 at 1:00pm when the child suddenly gained consciousness and rose from the coffin. The baby was presumed to be dead after 24 hours on Saturday, July 12, and as customary to their place, the family went to the church of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur for the priest to administer the last sacrament. The video was uploaded by Catherine Romanaso hours after the said event, went viral having shares of 10, 616 in 8 hours of posting on Facebook.

Screencap from Youtube video
Screencap from Youtube video

Why did the family decide to bury the child after thinking she was already dead for 24 hours? Did they consult a physician first? There are still many questions regarding this case and we will update this report as soon as we get a reply from the family.

There were many reported cases of premature burials in history like in the case of Angelo Hays which became the most remarkable twentieth-century instance of alleged premature burial in 1937. After numerous surgeries and some rehabilitation, Hays recovered completely.


  • Original upload: Catherine Romanaso, ACTUAL VIDEO SA BATANG NABUHI SA SIMBAHAN SA Aurora Zamboanga del Sur,

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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  1. sometimes , they think people dead, they really not expect like case of comatose. province people ignore this case.

    • How were you able to find out that the child was declared clinically dead? Were you there? Are you one of the relatives? Please enlighten us so we can understand further pertaining to this event.

  2. According to a TV Patrol report aired July 14, 2014 (which is today by the time of this writing), a municipal health office confirmed the final death of the child and recommended that her burial will proceed immediately.

  3. Ang sabi ng bibliya na ang buhay ng ng isa ay nasa dugo. Ang batang ito bagaman nalagutan ng hininga at tumigil ang pagtibok ng puso ay hindi pa ganap na patay o di pa bumalik sa maylikha ang kaniyang hiram na buhay. Sa science tinatawag na clinically dead, pero iba ang pananaw ng salita ng Diyos ang bibliya.

    Patutunayan natin na hindi pa nga ganap na patay ang bata. Ang dugong nasa katawan ng bata ay buhay pa. Halimbawa ay ang dugo na isinasalin sa ospital ay buhay pa at ang dugo ng patay ay patay na rin. Ang buhay na dugo ay meron din oxygen. Kaya ang dugo ng bata na nasa katawan niya ay katulad ng dugo na isinasalin sa ospital na buhay na dugo. Kaya sa interpretasyon sa bibliya “ANG BATA AY DI PA GANAP NA PATAY”. At kapag ka hindi pa ganap na patay ang isang tao kahit na tumigil ang pagtibok ng puso at paghinga ay may kakayahan parin ang katawan na kusang mabuhay ito. Bagay na pinahihintulutan ng Diyos sa makatwirang kadahilanan.



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