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Team Kramer is Sun Life Financial Philippines’ Newest Digital Advocates

As one of the most adorable family and influential celebrities online, Cheska and husband Doug Kramer, together with their children Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin, or more known collectively as the Team Kramer, is now part of the Sun Life Financial Philippines’ digital advocates, in the promotion of a well-planned future in terms of financial management.

Accordingly, with the Team Kramer’s vast influence in today’s online world, the Sun Life Financial Philippines sees the great opportunity in this new partnership the leap of advancement in their advocacy of managing financial concerns of the family and its financial security in the future.

Apparently, as she revealed in the press launch of their partnership with Sun Life Financial last Thursday, Cheska is greatly honored that her family is already in the third line of succession in the partnership and advocacy of promoting proper financial management in the country. She also undoubtedly revealed that it was Doug who handles the budget in the family, knowing he’d be good at it because of Doug’s Ilocano blood.

With a concrete plan that would benefit their investment in the future, as they knew that their jobs in their respective careers won’t last long, Cheska and Doug shared that when Kendra came into the family, they already prepared her a life plan that she would enjoy when she grows up. The two even added that Scarlett and Gavin will also have their own life plans created ahead of them, of course with the utmost help of Sun Life Financial Philippines.

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