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An Ensorcelling Movie Review for “Maleficent”


Initially, Maleficent was shown as a soft-hearted young lady who lives in a very peaceful woodland realms in which she got accustomed to its tranquil atmosphere which kept her purity at a very high mark.


Then there came a time when a fleet of invaders lurked and tried to disrupt the harmony in their kingdom. This series of oppression involved a couple of ruthless encounters between the two camps as well as a conspicuous betrayal which transformed Maleficent’s untainted ideals in life and turned her into a tyrant and evil goddess.

Disney's "MALEFICENT"Photo Credit: Film Frame©Disney 2014

Maleficent initiated a bitterly planned retribution wherein she placed a curse upon the newly crowned king’s daughter named Aurora. Then Maleficent later on found out that it was actually Aurora who can bring her back to her old self, the benevolent, graceful, and vivid Maleficent.


I won’t go over into deep details pertaining to the history of this Disney masterpiece as you can already find them written on most articles. I would just like to express my moods towards the movie.


Mainly, I can certainly claim that it is not your typical fairy tale movie in a sense that it involves a couple of plot twists which made it more interesting. Disney might have run out of conventional fairy tale  movie that’s why they probably decided to modify some of their stories in simple to complex ways like this one.


However, there are still some traces left by the archetypal fairy tale tradition. Maleficent’s story ended favorably, or should I say Aurora’s since all the fortunes in the kingdom were bestowed upon her in the end. Another commonly used setup in fairy tale movies was the involvement of the lady protagonists’ Prince Charming. I just got a little bit disappointed by the way the Prince Charming was portrayed in this movie. He is pretty much useless in this story. Thank God he and Aurora ended up tying the knot in the end.


I can say that the characters’ acting weren’t really that bad. The portrayal for Maleficent was pretty much on spot thanks to Angelina Jolie’s acting prowess. Princess Aurora, Prince Philipp and King Stefan’s acting are acceptable enough for me to enjoy the film.


The storyline of the movie Maleficent is somewhat similar to “The Sleeping Beauty” although as I have said earlier, a couple of nips were done to make it a unique story. You just have to watch this one to further prove to yourself that Maleficent is slightly heaps away from being comparable to The Sleeping Beauty. Some might consider this movie’s plot as a cliché and I have nothing against them, I don’t have the rights to blame them because watching fairy tales sometimes become boring because of its predictability. I’m telling  you, go and watch Maleficent first and then decide for yourself if you still find its story a cliché.


Maleficent’s special effects were astounding if you would ask me. Yes the computer generated characters still failed to convince us that they look like the real ones, but at least they tried their best to make them look like they’re for real! The fight scenes were something to talk about for a couple of days as it featured bunches of action packed encounters between Maleficent and her antagonists.


Overall, I would like to give Maleficent a 3.8 out of 5 stars. The movie is suitable for spectators of all ages and is highly recommended for those who want to have their family bondings or just to have a relaxing after-work leisure.

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