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Pinoy Movie Posters Disturbingly Similar with International Movie Posters

Similarities among Hollywood movie posters is no longer news. Maybe because there are a lot of movies produced in Holywood that people run out of creative ideas to make the poster striking as much as it is unique. In fact, similarities in posters are no longer limited with the Holywood silver screen. There are other countries that released similar (sometimes identical) movie posters.

But have you seen Pinoy movie posters resembling Hollywood’s or even other international posters?

Here are some:


Don’t Cry Mommy vs Hustisya Movie Poster


Manila Kingpin Vs Lawless


Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang Vs Twilight


A Prophet Vs OTJ


Miss No Good vs Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo

Graceland_batman begins

Grace Land Vs Batman Begins

i-download (2)

The Witness Vs Baseline Killer


Unofficially Yours Vs Petty Romance

my lady boss_how to lose a guy in 10 days

My Lady Boss Vs Pretty Woman

images (5)

Yanggaw Vs Ghost Bride

images (7)

One More Try Vs Brooklyn’s Finest

1000 hours_public enemies

10000 Hours Vs Public Enemies

images (8)

Baler Vs A Walk to Remember

one night only_ sex and the city

One Night Only Vs Sex and the City


Temptation Island Vs Planet Terror

when i met marley

Marley and Me Vs When I Met U


Guni-guni Vs Alone

amorosa the revenge VS excision

Amorosa Vs Excision

huwag ka lang mawawala VS Gone

 Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala Vs Gone


Overtime Vs In Time

In all fairness to Pinoy creativity, sometimes, we come up with the idea before Hollywood does:

images (6)

Batanes Vs The Last Song


Jologs Vs X-Men


Tribu Vs The Lone Ranger

What can you say about these posters? Inspiration or imitation?

Written by dailypedia


  1. The posters for “The Legal Wife” and “A Walk to Remember” posted in this article are UNOFFICIAL. However, “Baler”‘s poster has some similarity of that of “A Walk to Remember.”



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