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Express Yourself with BUM’s Back-to-School Campaign “BUM Univarsitee”

Summer is over. And we all know that for students, it is now the time to be prepping up for school. And for some who never wanted summer to end and thinks that school is boring, think again.

Going back to school doesn’t have to be that way. Even so, you can make going back to school an exciting one. Dress up and express yourself with BUM Univarsitee.

Make way for BUM’s back-to-school campaign – “BUM Univarsitee.” This will encourage students and the young bloods to rise above the usual and express themselves fashionably school-bound yet in a colorful and stylish way. So gear up by wearing items from the BUM Univarsitee collection.

Nash Aguas, Ella Cruz, Diego Loyzaga and Jane Oineza
Nash Aguas, Ella Cruz, Diego Loyzaga and Jane Oineza

The BUM Univarsitee collection is inspired from the concept of school chic fashion—a style influence that is preppy with a twist. It’s all about being school-compliant without making yourself look unfriendly and hallowed to one’s individuality—a combination of grunge, rebel chic, and punk. BUM unites the fashion trend it’s branded for—color in a garment.

The campaign is all about being comfortable and confident in school. And even after-school, wearing what you wear best and being a non-conformist around is somehow going to incite uniformity.

“Sometimes being in school makes one reluctant to be themselves especially when they’re in a sea of students who look the same. BUM Univarsitee encourages students and the youth to be proud of who they are and to be non-conformist without breaking the rules. Fashion-wise, the youth can express themselves with whatever style they favor with BUM Univarsitee,” Rai Lacoste of BUM said.

Because it’s back-to-school time, BUM believes that everyone should love and proudly carry their own style and share it to the world now that it seems very timely . The BUM Univarsitee collection is now available in all leading department stores nationwide. For more information about BUM Univarsitee, visit or follow us “@officialbumph” on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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