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Borrowed iOS 8 Features

Last Monday, Apple unveiled the latest version of it’s mobile operating system at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) which was held in San Francisco, California.

iOS 8 was labeled as “The biggest release since the launch of the AppStore” and as the great Pablo Picasso once said “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”. As we remember when they released iOS 7 some of the features were already on Android like the Notification Bar and the Control Panel which are both activated by swiping from the top and the bottom of the screen, respectively. Now some of Apple’s “NEW” features are again already available on Google’s operating system, Android.

Widgets. Like Android which has a lot of Third party and built in launchers with widget support. Apple will have basic widgets to add on their Application Drawer and their lock screen.

Web Browsing. On iOS8 All tabs opened in Safari will be synced on all devices so you could see what tabs are open from your Mac on your iDevice, and you may see your favorite webpages. Which is a lot like what Google Chrome already does.

Sharing. Now sharing is available to almost any app not just the ones approved by Apple.

Cloud Drive. The iCloud Drive another upgrade from iCloud is very similar to DropBox (which has 50GB Free storage for 2 years with Samsung Devices and 20GB more for referalls) which automatically store your documents and other files to the cloud which is again limited to 5GB + your photos and videos. Though Apple and Android users already have Google Drive (15GB for free) Apple still pushed it’s 5GB Limit.

Cloud Photo Library. Like Google+ Photos for Android which supports an unlimited number of photos and Videos, Apple improved their cloud storage in the iOS 8, before users were only allowed to store a thousand photos for 30 days and now each user will get 5GB of free storage, and like Android’s, photos are automatically uploaded in the cloud and can be accessed through all of your devices.

Gesture Keyboard. Like Swype, (which was first released on Samsung Bada Phones) Apple also released it’s brand new QuickType keyboard which also provides the use of gestures by simply swiping over the letters and has the ability to learn your typing/swiping habits,  it’s prediction will be based on the person you are talking to, like the difference on how you text your friends compared to your Boss. Google also has this feature on the Google Keyboard which is built in on almost all Android devices. Also Apple will provide support to Third Party keyboards so that the end users may have the choice on which keyboard to choose like the Minuum Keyboard and Fleksy.

Health. I personally expected this from Apple since Samsung released “S Health” , and I did not expect that the app’s name will simply be “Health” and “HeathKit” I was thinking it would be called ‘iHealth’ something like that. Health records and analyzes your Health by the use of it’s accelerometer and other third party devices to provide a more accurate measurement.

“Hey Siri”. Apple also upgraded their Virtual Assistant, Siri by adding a Voice Gesture by saying ‘Hey Siri’ which activates siri. This sounds very familiar to Android’s ‘Ok Google’ and Samsung’s ‘Hi Galaxy’. It also includes new features like song recognition, streaming voice recognition and 22 new dictation languages.

Messaging. Now iMessage will be able to send audio, video, and group messages and share their location, which is a feature of a lot of Messaging apps like Line and Facebook Messenger. Also it has swipe gestures to ‘mark as read’ and to delete messages like the ones in Gmail. Now you may set the certain message to self-destruct after a certain period of time in which SnapChat was known for. One of it’s best feature is that you can send texts using your Mac which is a feature of the app MightyText.

Beta Testing and App Preview. TestFlight a company recently acquired by Apple that is used to Beta Test apps before it’s official release, and App Preview which shows a short preview of the app compared to only screenshots of the App itself. Beta Testing for Android was already done through Google Play, and app previews include videos ever since it’s launch.

It is a big improve for Apple to borrow some of Android’s features and modify them to become their own. And I hope when it’s released that there won’t be a lot of bugs.

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