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BLESS THE CHILD: Whatever happened to child star Rhed Bustamante?

BLESS THE CHILD: Whatever happened to child star Rhed Bustamante?

  • Child star Rhed Bustamante admitted that she and her family have been struggling for the past two years.
  • She also said that she hasn’t gotten any offers after a string of successful projects in the past. 

You may remember child star Rhed Bustamante from television shows like ABS-CBN’s FlordeLiza and GMA’s Endless Love.

She was also a part of movies such as Seklusyon, The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin, and Maria Leonora Teresa.

Her career, however, didn’t exactly take off as she recently shared her current situation in Rated K’s September 9 episode.

She admitted that she hasn’t gotten any offers for nearly two years. “Akala ko po kung mag aartista ka, marami pong mag-ooffer sayo. Pweo hindi po pala ganon.”

Her mother, Cecilyn Ibarra, admitted that they experienced having their electricity cut off and the landlord evicting them from their rented space.

“Ng ilaw po, naputulan po kami. Tapos nagalit po yung may-ari samin. Bakit ganon daw naputulan. Tapos umalis na raw kami.”

Rhed added,  “Pinapalayas kami kasi walang pang-bayad. Ngayon po nag hahanap kaagad kami ng malilipatan kasi mahirap naman pong ganon. Naghihintay po ako ng offer. Kapag po may pera pera po, ganon, makakahanap po kami. Pero pag wala, talagang naghahanap kami ng mas mura pa.”

They have also failed to pay two months worth of rent in the current apartment they are renting.

Their struggles didn’t end there as her father, Lemar Bustamante, has a lung disease, which made him stop working as a mechanic. Meanwhile, Rhed is suffering from a medical condition called Incontinentia Pigmenti, which is an uncommon sickness that affects the skin, hair, teeth, and the central nervous system.

After borrowing money, they have set up a small sari-sari store in Manila.

When asked about how she feels about their current situation, Rhed answered, “Mahirap po isipin kasi ganon po talaga ang buhay po tapos minsan po hindi ko na rin po alam kung anong gagawin para makatulong po ako sa pamilya ko. “

She hopes to stage a showbiz comeback to help her family with their financial problems.

“Wag po tayo mag-eexpect masyado kasi po masakit po pag hindi siya nangyari. Katulad po inexpect ko po na parang pag nag artista ka, okay lahat pero hindi po pala. Tsaka po syempre, lagi kang mag pray kay Lord.”

Child Star: Rhed Bustamante

"Flordeliza" star na si Rhed Bustamante, ano nga ba ang kalagayan ngayon?Nabalitaan naming hindi mabuti ang kanyang kalagayan, may sakit at hirap sa buhay… kaya hinanap namin siya. Narito ang kanyang kwento, panoorin niyo po! #PangRatedKYanFor more inspiring stories, pls LIKE and FOLLOW RatedK's official FB page.Episode: Ang Pinaka September 9, 2018

Posted by Rated K on Sunday, September 9, 2018

Rhed is currently a grade 6 student. Rated K updated all of Rhed’s supporters and said that people will get the chance to watch her again soon.

“Sa mga fans ni Rhed, huwag pong mag-alala. Rhed deserves all the help she can get dahil magaling siyang aktres. Dahil sa napanood nating kwento… You’ll see her acting again soon.”

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Top 10 Filipino horror movies to binge-watch this spooky season

Top 10 Filipino horror movies to binge-watch this spooky season

  • Filipino horror films to watch during Halloween and Undas season.
  • Classic horror, supernatural films, psychological thrillers and mysteries.
  • These movies have the high notoriety among Filipinos.

Halloween is in approaching and binge-watching is one of the things to do when this holiday comes. These are the timeless Filipino horror movies that will makes you scream with terror every time.


The Road (2011)

Directed by Yam Laranas 

This is a psychological thriller that will make you want to watch it again and again. The story is about teenagers (Barbie Forteza, Lexi Fernandez and Derrick Monasterio) who went missing after a joyride gone wrong along a haunted and abandoned road. Luis Medina (TJ Trinidad) is the investigator assigned to the case. While he was investigating, he finds the decaying body of another victim in the same road. The body used to belong to one of the two sisters who went missing ten years before. Digging further, Luis will get himself into a mystery full of brutality and murders.


Sigaw (2004)

Directed by Yam Laranas

This is another psychological thriller that will make you think what is the main story and what is not. The story is about Marvin (Richard Guiterrez) savoring his independence by moving into his own appartment. Although he likes his apartment, he wakes up at night because of screams of help at the middle of the night. At the end of the hallway of his floor lives Bert (Jomari Yllana), Anna (Iza Calzado) and her little daughter, Lara (Ella Guevarra). Bert, usually drunk, always suspects Anna on cheating on him which leads to him beating her causing the disturbances. Anna usually asks for help from Jude (James Blanco) who lives in the middle of the hallway.


Sukob (2006)

Directed by Chito S. Roño

This story is about the superstition in which one should not get married in the same year that an immediate relative dies or no siblings should be married within the year. The story is about two women, Sandy (Kris Aquino) and Diana (Claudine Barretto) who gets married. They are both haunted by a ghostly flower girl who asks for a life in order to break the curse.


The Healing (2012)

Directed by Chito S. Roño

This is another Filipino horror film that will confuse you but surely will make you want to see it again. Seth (Vilma Santos) took her father to a fate healer, Manang Elsa (Daria Ramirez), after he suffered from a stroke. After her father regained his strength, his miraculous healing astounded the whole neighborhood. A handful of people came to Seth and asked her for help to bring them to Manang Elsa. When she did, they started to face a curse they didn’t know they cast on themselves.


Feng Shui (2004)

Directed by Chito S. Roño

When someone stares and sees themselves in the Bagua mirror, they get killed according to their Chinese zodiac sign. Joy (Kris Aquino) found the bagua mirror inside a bus left by a man. She later shows the Bagua to Aling Biring (Luz Fernandez) who tells Joy that she should keep it because it will drive away evil spirits and bring good luck to their family. Joy finds out that Aling Biring was killed because of leptospirosis and the man who left the Bagua was hit by a Rabbit Liner bus. She now has to save herself, her friends and her family in being affected by the curse.


Seklusyon (2016)

Directed by Erik Matti

This is the most recent horror film in this list. It is truly horrifying because of its relation to the religious beliefs of many here in the Philippines. The story is about a little girl, Anghela Sta. Ana (Rhed Bustamante), who heals people miraculously. When she heals someone, black gooey liquid drips from her mouth. Padre Ricardo (Neil Ryan Sese) gets suspicious about the nun who accompanies her, Sister Cecilia (Phoebe Walker). But the issue does not just stop here because there is a lot of mystery surrounding Anghela, who she is and what she does.



Directed by Mike de Leon

Jun (Tommy Abuel), a photographer, befriended a strange woman named Teresa (Charo Santos) in his hometown during Holy Week. When Teresa started acting weird, Jun and her mother asked for help from a spiritualist or medium. They find out that Teresa is being possessed by a potentially dangerous spirit.

TxT (2006)

Directed by Mike Tuviera

Joyce (Angel Locsin) was a caregiver in a local elderly home. She broke up with her obsessive boyfriend, Roman (Oyo Sotto). As a final request, Roman asked Joyce to drive him home with his car. The two got into a tragic accident killing Roman and injuring Joyce. Alex (Dennis Trillo), a call center agent, had feelings for Joyce but didn’t act on it. He comforted Joyce in such a hard time, instead. After a few days, Joyce receives texts from Roman’s number considering it as a cruel prank. Or is it?


‘Wag Kang Lilingon (2006)

Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Quark Henares

This movie has recurring themes that tie down both Angel (Kristine Hermosa) and Melissa (Anne Curtis) together: the spirits that haunts them, the mirror and the house. There may be many spirits haunting them, there is only one culprit. It all started when Angel lit a candle in front of a mirror with her little sister, Nina (Celine Lim). Apparently, they opened a portal between the two worlds.

Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara (1995)

Directed by Chito S. Roño

Barbara (Lorna Tolentino) had always been a loving sister to Ruth (Dawn Zulueta). Barbara loved her so much that she even sacrificed the guy that she loved, Nick (Tonton Guiterrez). When Nick and Ruth got married, Barbara fled to the United States just to start a new life and try to give Nick some time to fall in love with Ruth. After a few years of their marriage, Ruth still suspected Nick of harboring feelings for her sister. In a jealous range, she committed suicide by stabbing herself with a huge piece of a broken mirror. The suicide was witnessed by her daughter, Karen (Antoinette Taus) who had become unstable. Barbara comes back to the Philippines and face her past haunting her, in more ways than one.


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10 Things You Should Know About “Seklusyon”

10 Things You Should Know About “Seklusyon”


A horror thriller directed by Erik Matti, the film revolves around the story of an old ritual done by the church where deacons or aspiring priests are sent in a secluded area on the last seven days of their training. The purpose of this seclusion is to shield them from evil.

Starring Ronnie Alonte, Rhed Bustamante, Phoebe Walker and Dominic Roque the film promises to give every movie goers the chills, shrills and screams of a Christmas horror movie.

But before going to the cinemas on December 25th, it may be good to know 10 things about the Erik Matti’s “Seklusyon.”

1. “Seklusyon” was first screened at the Macau International Film Festival. Before it got to be shown in the country, the film was already screened in Macau for the 1st Macau International Film Festival.

2. It is Ronnie Alonte’s other MMFF entry aside from “Vince & Kath & James.” Newcomer Ronnie Alonte can be tagged as the busiest star of the MMFF 2016 as he stars in 2 official entries.

3. The film is set in the 1940s specifically 1947.

4. “Seklusyon” got praise from Holywood magazine. After its screening at the Macau International Film Fest, the movie was given rave reviews by a Hollywood Magazine.

5. It was graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

6. This is Erik Matti’s 2nd “real” horror film after “Pasiyam” in 2004. While he made previous horror films like the “Aswang Chronicles,” “Pasiyam” and “Seklusyon” according to Matti are his 2 real horror films to date.

7. No special effects was used in the film. Matti revealed there were no computer generated effects used in the film because we want movie goers to film the real horror in it.

8. This is Matti’s 3rd MMFF entry following last year’s “Honor Thy Father” and 2014’s “Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2.”

9. It was inspired by true story. According to Erik Matti, the film was inspired by a story of one of his writers.

10. “Seklusyon’s” lead actress is a childstar, Rhed Bustamante. “Seklusyon’s” director said although Nora Aunor and Eugene Domingo are already tagged as front runners for the Best Actress award, he said child star Rhed Bustamante could give the 2 run for their money as a dark horse choice.

“Seklusyon” will be shown in cinemas on December 25 as part of this years 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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