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Netizen heartbroken after finding out the truth about his boyfriend

Netizen heartbroken after finding out the truth about his boyfriend

  • Netizen posted about his experience with his recent online relationship.
  • He found out that his boyfriend is not who he thought he is. 

As the world of social media is rapidly growing and it’s getting easier to talk to anyone, even strangers, online, sometimes we forget to check the real identity of those we interact with.

It has also become easier for netizens to find relationships through digital platforms. But others fail to assure the genuineness of someone’s information and personality.

It is what happened to a netizen on Twitter called Yuri. He was heartbroken after finding out that his boyfriend, whom he also met online, was using another person’s identity.

In a thread, he shared his heartbreak and sadness after knowing that the things he knew were just lies made up by another person.

“Sana all,” huwag naman sana
dahil ayaw ko maranasan nyo yung pakiramdam na mag mahal ng isang tao na hindi pala totoo😔 It is really stupid, pero nag mahal lang naman ako 😢 Kaso isa pala syang poser.
(A thread)

He said that the guy introduced himself as a 15-year-old boy from Bulacan that is still not that open about his sexuality. They used to talk all the time and he was even reassured of the love that the other feels.

Nag pakilala kang 15 yrs old, half, taga Bulacan. Lagi tayong nag uusap, bago pumasok at hanggang sa makauwi ka. Naging sobrang close tayo, nag pupuyat ako hanggang 3 am para makausap ka lang. Sa una pa lang, alam kong walang assurance ito pero kung mahal mo, you’ll take the risk

As the boy still isn’t out, Yuri started questioning why he kept on posting photos that can be recognized by people who might know him in real life, but the boy doesn’t want to talk about it.

Sabi mo hindi ka pa out, kaya tinatanong kita kung bakit ka nag popost ng pictures na halos makilala ka na, dahil sabi mo hindi ka pa ready. Kaya inaalala kita dahil wala, mapanghusga ang mundo. But ayaw mong pag usapan ang tungkol don. Sabi mo ang mportante, masaya lang tayo.

But everything went down the drain when he found out that the one he was in a relationship with is using the photos of an Indonesian personality named Rafi Sanjaya.

Pero yung taong nag papasaya pala sa akin eh hindi totoo. Wala, yan yung totoo eh. Hindi mo naman pala ako kilala

Yuri shared that the boy messaged him after he found out about everything, apologizing. He also admitted that he’s not a 15-year-old from Bulacan, but a 19-year old guy from Nueva Ecija.

Tinatanong ako nila tita, ate at papa kung bakit ako umiiyak. Hindi ko masabi pero yung dahilan😔
Ang ganda ng mga songs na shinare mo pero sayang dahil kapag marinig ko man, maalala ko lang na pinaniwala mo lang ako😭 Sorry lang ang napala ko😞

:(Ahmm pano koba sisim ulan to
lahat lahat alam mo na mahal na mahal kita and ayoko sana nasasaktan ka pero ito ang reality ehh kaya ako humingi ng sorry sa mga ginawa ko at nagawa ko syo alam ko hindi ako deserving sayo at sa pagmamahal mo kasi alam ko na masasaktan lang kita and sorry sa lahat lahat ng time and effort mo sa akin yung love na binigay mo kahit hindi ko nasuklian yun and everyday na nag uusap tayo alam kong napapasaya kita and everyday nayun ay na gui guilty ako nasasaktan din aKo kc sa ginagawa ko sayo I’m sorry sorry sorry sa lahat lahat sana mapatawad mo ako

sana mapatawad mo ako kaya hindi ko maibigay yung real account ko and kaya min san hindi ako makapag send ng selfie sayo and siguro mas mainam na na mag deactivate nlang ako ng account na to and nung una ko ginawa tong account na to gusto kolang ng makakausap hindi Ko naman akalain na makıkilala kita sorry ahh hindi Kasi ako hazel nut brown eyes hindi din ako half hindi din ako pogi hindi din ako cute sorry sa lahat lahat ng nagawa ko hindi mo man ako mapatawad ok lang i understand and i hope someday makahanap ka real person na mag mamahal syo thank u sa lahat sorry I’m a poser and hindi ako taga Bu- lacan taga nuevaecija ako I’m 19 baka hindi na rin ako mag
pakilala sayo ng real identity

person na mag mamahal syo thank u sa lahat sorry I’m a poser and hindi ako taga Bulacan taga nuevaecija ako I’m 19 baka hindi na rin ako mag pakilala sayo ng real identity ko dahil sa mga ginawa ko sayo sorry ulit ha and salamat sa lahat ihope mapatawad mo ako u deserve a better person a mamahalin ka hindi ka lolokohin at tulad ng lagi kong sinasabi stay strong alwayssafe ingat lagi SORRY ahh 

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OFW loses ₱600,000 because of online romance

OFW loses ₱600,000 because of online romance

  • OFW scammed and lost ₱600,000 over an online relationship.
  • It turned out that the OFW’s girlfriend wasn’t real and the person behind the account was just using another person’s photos.

A 23-year-old Overseas Filipino Worker named Frederick Egea lost so much because of romance.

And no, not just his time and feelings, but literally lost a big chunk of money when he fell in love with someone he met on Facebook, which he later on learned was a scammer.

Egea was sending money to someone named Joana Mae Cruz from June 2017 to September 2018 in hopes of meeting her when he comes home. But when he finally docked in the Philippines, he only faced extortion.

He told the police that he met her in June last year and started developing feelings for her. He sent her money to help her with tuition fees, gifts, and personal needs. Their relationship lasted for more than a month

When the OFW finally came home, he wanted to meet his girlfriend in person, however, Cruz kept on making excuses to avoid meeting him, the most recent being that she was in Tacloban.

Egea was heartbroken when he found out that Cruz was a faker on September 8. So who was behind it? It was a certain 21-year-old Angelica Miguel.

Miguel used the photos of a certain Angelica Calanog without the latter’s permission. According to Calanog, Miguel posed as the leader of her fan group on Facebook and sent gifts, flowers, and clothes.

When her mother asked Miguel as to where she got the gifts, the latter answered that he had a cousin abroad that was attracted to Calanog. They were clueless that the scammer was using photos to extort money from Egea.

Miguel’s crimes were exposed but she refused to back down as she demanded ₱26,000 from the OFW or something bad will happen to Calanog.

They agreed to meet at the McDonald’s Ever Gotesco Mall and as soon as he handed the marked money to Miguel, the police broke their cover and arrested her.

Miguel will face charges for violating Article 293 (Robbery), 315 (Swindling/Estafa), 318 (Other deceits) of the Revised Penal Code, and Republic Act 10175 for identity theft.

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