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ABS-CBN TVplus sales hit 7M; GMA Network to roll out this year

ABS-CBN TVplus sales hit 7M; GMA Network to roll out this year

  • There is a growing number of non-cable homes that have shifted to the digital TV platform
  • GMA Network and PLDT-Smart signed a partnership contract that will welcome the full implementation of the network’s digitization project
  • To maintain its position as a leading broadcasting station, GMA network has to do an upgrade to cater to the preference of TV audiences

In 2018, ABS-CBN made an historic switch from the analog format to digital terrestrial television to relay a new experience in TV viewing. Since there is a growing number of non-cable homes that have shifted to digital TV, they introduced ABS-CBN TV plus.

It has already attracted over 1.2 Million TV plus subscribers who register to watch Filipino movies as it has become very accessible, with the registration now open to all cellular networks.

It has been noted that ABS-CBN TV plus already hit 7-million in sales because of the bulk of non-cabled homes that have already switched to digital TV. According to Kantar Media, last August 2018, based on their survey, 72% of non-cabled homes in Metro Manila have an ABS-CBN TV plus box, versus 55% of last year.

The same is true with the number of non-cabled homes with a TVplus box in Mega Manila, which increased to 65% from 44%; while those in the suburbs grew to 57% from 33% in the same period last year.

Last November 2018, ABS-CBN TVplus expanded their signal coverage in Batangas as its 16th signal coverage area, with the aim of accelerating their mission before the government mandated a deadline for all broadcasting companies to switch to digital broadcasting in 2023.

And they continuously expanded signal coverage areas in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Metro Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Davao.

GMA Network is already doing an upgrade

Last January 09, GMA Network and PLDT-Smart signed a partnership contract that will integrate the full implementation of the network’s digitization project.

During its partnership kick-off, GMA Network’s and PLDT-Smart’s top executives were present.

To maintain their position as a leading broadcasting station, GMA Network had to do an upgrade to cater to the viewing preferences of TV audiences better.

“For GMA, we have to recognize that for us to maintain our position as the leading, I will repeat, leading broadcast station in the country, we must evolve in accordance with the shifting habits and preferences of our audience.”

Chairman and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan expressed his gratitude to Atty. Gozon for trusting PLDT-Smart with the project.
“We thank you, Chairman Gozon, for the trust and we are quite eager to start working on this project and of course in making it successful both for GMA and PLDT.”

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If ABS-CBN has the black box, GMA Network will use a dongle

If ABS-CBN has the black box, GMA Network will use a dongle


As part of its efforts to develop digital initiatives in 2016, GMA Network Inc. will be introducing dongles instead of set-top boxes like the ones rival network ABS-CBN is offering.

abs-cbn tv plus

Although GMA is a notch behind ABS-CBN’s network migration program, the network is setting its targets high. In fact, GMA president and chief executive Felipe L. Gozon said that the company will be focusing on digital business.

In an interview with Interaksyon in May 2015, Gozon said the company will be producing dongles which are cheaper than set-top boxes.

“Our dongle is as small as a [feature] phone. We invented it and we’ll have it patented. We still don’t have a partner for this, but it will definitely be cheaper than the set-top box,” Gozon said.

Example of Digital TV Dongle (
Example of Digital TV Dongle (

By 2020, the Philippines will be terminating its analog TV service according to the National Telecommunications Commission. The country is set to adapt the Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial (ISDB-T) standard of Japan in five years time.

Based on the migration plan, there will be a yearlong transition period when both the digital and analog transmissions will be utilized at the same time. Broadcasters are expected to double their expenses during the transition period.

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10 Things that Could Change with the Arrival of Digital TV

10 Things that Could Change with the Arrival of Digital TV


A lot of us take TV viewing on cable channels for granted but millions of other Filipinos are still relying on the good old free-to-air channels for their daily entertainment as well as for updates on the latest news.

Today, ABS-CBN TVplus was launched. This is going to be the biggest and latest digital innovations on Philippine TV this year. ABS-CBN TVplus, a digital box more popularly known as the ‘mahiwagang black box,’ brings dramatically clear picture and sound that is comparable to seeing a movie on DVD, a far cry from the prevailing analog system.

Eugenio Lopez III, Charo Santos-Concio, and Carlo Katigbak lead the ceremonial switch-on of ABS-CBN TVplus

So, what is it going to change?

  1. Better viewing experience


If you are tired with the grainy picture on your TV, then it is time to switch to ABS-CBN TVplus. Thanks to new technology, you will soon be able to view better, clearer pictures on your TV. Aside from that, the sound will be significantly better, so you will surely have a more wonderful time watching your favorite shows.

  1. Longer viewing time

Many people have specific favorite shows they watch in a day, then go out to find other forms of entertainment because they do not like some of the other shows their favorite TV offers. Thanks to ABS-CBN TVplus, they can now enjoy longer viewing time because they have other options to choose from after or before their favorite shows.

  1. More entertainment options

With ABS-CBN TVplus, you get to view 6 awesome channels. Aside from regular programming, you get all day options for sports, news, movies, animations, and useful educational material for the kids.

  1. Fun options for all ages

Regular programming on local TVs does not always cater to everyone. For example, some hours are dedicated for animated shows for the kids [that adults may not like] or some hours are dedicated for talk shows [that the kids do not like]. With ABS-CBN TVplus, there will be more channels to choose from.

  1. More options for the masses

Don’t be so haughty about your 100+ channel cable connection because majority of the households in the Philippines still rely on the free-to-air channels rather than paid cable for TV. Thanks to ABS-CBN TVplus, even the masses can now enjoy movies and other awesome channels for just a one-time cost of P2,500, with no monthly service fees.

  1. Switching to ABS-CBN TVplus after cable?

Considering how some cable providers are charging exorbitant monthly fees for their service, ABS-CBN TVplus would be an awesome option for people who wish to enjoy a great viewing experience sans the huge monthly charges.

  1. The kids will learn lots of new stuff

Thanks to the Knowledge Channel and Yey from ABS-CBN TVplus, kids will be able to learn new stuff while having fun watching TV. You don’t always have to connect to the web to learn new things anymore.

  1. Getting box-office hits on your TV

If you want to enjoy some movies, you don’t have to download them from the internet because ABS-CBN TVplus offers a movie channel, too. You’ll enjoy box-office hits and other awesome options while relaxing in your own home.

  1. More TV bonding time with your family

With more options on ABS-CBN TVplus, you can enjoy more TV bonding time with your family as you watch your favorite shows and movies or learn together from the station’s informative channels.

  1. You might change your old TV

Since we’re talking here about possible changes the arrival of digital TV will bring, then we are also saying you might change your old analog TV to a flat-screen to best enjoy ABS-CBN TVplus and this awesome new TV viewing experience.

ABS-CBN has been preparing for the digital switchover since 2007, having conducted test broadcast activities for the past seven years to ensure a smooth transition to DTT. The network has conducted DTT trials in key areas all over the Philippines. The consumer test results have been highly positive, ensuring ABS-CBN’s DTT offering will provide more and better opportunities to deliver content and serve Filipino viewers.

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