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Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers and Their Pinoy Counterparts?

Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers and Their Pinoy Counterparts?


What a great nostalgic feeling I’m having right now! I can still remember the days when I rush home just to tune in to this pretty addicting TV show which became part of my refined childhood memories. And now it is being shown again nationwide. I am to a certain extent convinced that this will once again give its audience, most of which belong to the teenage category, a bamboozling and remarkable feeling of infatuation, excitement and curiosity. Yes, I am talking about Taiwan’s “Meteor Garden”.

meteor garden

While the “Meteor Garden Fever” still exists up to this day which is something that I can’t argue about since I can see posts and comments about how eager people are looking forward to this show, let us not forget that Meteor Garden once had its rival shows produced by other countries like Korea and Japan namely, Boys Over Flowers/ Boys Before Flowers and Hana Yori Dango in that order. You can also find China’s version of the show but I am only going to mention the top three versions that I know. All of these were deemed as an adaptation of a Japanese shoujo manga called Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) printed and demonstrated by Yoko Kamio. His work of art set the record for the bestselling shoujo Manga in Japan of all time which really deserved to be portrayed in front of the big screen.


Basically, these three adaptations follow the original Manga’s plot of flow of the story in which it revolved around Eitoku Academy, a school where the country’s most influential and powerful people’s children were being sent. Only a selected few or should I say the cream of the crop were allowed to be in that academy. It just so happened that the central character, Tsukushi Makino – a diligent and charming girl who came from a poor family. Unfortunately,  she came across with the academy’s elite group called F4 ( short for “Flower Four”) I just found its meaning as kind of inappropriate though since I’m expecting something like “Fearless Four” , “Furious Four” or “Freakish Four” LOL.

She was bullied, discriminated and insulted by the F4, by the way aside from its members being overly rich and prominent individuals, their handsome and elegant looks are something which can’t be denied and they were the apple of the eyes of all the girls inside the academy. Then add a bunch of drama and love story twists, and we’re going to have a wonderful TV series which will definitely captivate its audience of all ages. However, some of the details were modified according to each show’s production and management’s choices.

Now let’s take a look at each show’s main characters and decide which among them are the most suitable ones to portray the famous Manga, Hana Yori Dango’s characters.           ( Although the manga was made in Japan, we should still not be biased and not immediately lean towards Japan’s own adaptation though ) Peace!

Jerry Yan – Dao Ming Si


 Matsumoto Jun – Domoyouji

matsumoto jun

 Lee Min Ho – Gu Jun Pyo 


Barbie Xu – Shan Cai


 Inoue Mao – Makino Tsukushi


 Goo Hye Sun – Jan Di 

jan di

Vic Zhou – Hua Ze Lei


 Oguri Shun – Hanazawa Rui


 Kim Hyun Joong – Yun Ji Hoo 


Ken Zhu


Matsuda Shota


Kim Bum

kim bum

Vanness Wu


Abe Tsuyoshi

abe tsuyoshi

Kim Joon


I will not be going over the details of these actors’ performance and how well they portrayed the characters that were assigned to them since you probably already knew if they did well and if they went above or below your standards considering the fact that most of you guys have unquestionably watch these three series before if you are a self anointed avid fan.

The best thing that I can do is to give you a short clip which contains all of these characters and it’s up for you to decide who to pick among them.


My question is, if you will be given a chance to make a “Dream Team” or a fantasy cast of characters to portray the Hana Yori Dango manga wherein you are only allowed to choose between the actors above, who would you choose? Mine will be ( Lee Min Ho, Inoue Mao, Vic Zhou, Kim Bum and Vanness Wu )

Pinoy Adaptation of Hana Yori Dango 

All I can say is “Why not?” Since there have been many adaptations being made by other countries which became major TV hits, why don’t we make our own version of it? Who knows, we might even break the popularity that these three TV shows have attained before. But first, we have to figure out who will be the possible actors which will star in our very own Filipino version. There have been a lot of attempts to finally make a Pinoy version of the series. It was even said to have already been finalized way back 2011 and it was supposed to be called “Brat Boys Beyond” (awful name…ugh!) starring Sarah Geronimo and other quite unknown starlets. Good thing it didn’t push through and ABS-CBN managed to get away with having the guts to face embarrassment because I am pretty sure that I will surely flop.

Now another hot topic resurfaces as this cute and amazing Pinoy version of the viral craze will be composed of Coco martin,Matteo guidicelli,Daniel padilla,Enchong dee and Sarah Geronimo. Do you think this will work out? If not, then who do you think suits each characters more? Feel free to suggest. =)



I love Hana Yori Dango,

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Animals which are Relatively Comparable to Humans

Animals which are Relatively Comparable to Humans


The firm belief by men that we are the most special creature in this world and that we’re on the top of the animal kingdom ( setting aside other superstitious and religious beliefs ), gave us the buoyancy to look down on other animals. What we don’t know is that we, humans, share a number of similarities with other animals as well, behavior, culture, characteristics and even on our genes.

First let us discuss one of the most complex comparison that we have with other animals, this can be explained through Genetics.

Genetics is the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.

Gathering concrete data comparing animal genes to human genes have been an intricate task for me. Others might raise their eyebrows or laugh at me the moment they read this article, but anyway it still feels good to let others know how we amazingly share genes with other animals and plants. On the contrary, I still believe the notion that we are several notch higher than other animals and I am in no way trying to make you feel like you are a rodent, a cockroach or a wasp. Just kidding.

On top of the list we have the chimpanzees, which can be considered as the animals which is closest to humans as they share 98% of our human genes.


Having chimps as number one on our list is something that doesn’t surprise me at all since the resemblance can easily be seen on our physical features no matter how others try to deny it because they find it rude to be compared to these animals. However, there are also other animals which, despite the fact that they look poles apart from humans, still share a huge proportion of human genes. Next to the chimps are mice which shares 92% of our genes. No wonder the term “Lab rats” were coined after they serve as the most common specimen to go under laboratory tests instead of a real human because of their evident similarities.


Cats and dogs with 90% and 82% human gene shares respectively while Cows are 80% genetically similar to humans.



Chickens have a 60% similarity with human genes as well.


Again, the animals that I have mentioned above share large percentage of gene similarities with humans mainly because of the verity that they are also mammals. Nonetheless, other non – mammals have their own human genes shares too. The only difference is that they only have it for a smaller but still respectable percentage.

One example is the fruit fly which shares roughly around 44% to 60% of human genes similarity.


Plants are also said to have their own share of human genes similarities as well. A certain study found out that a type of weed was guesstimated to have at least 18% of our genes. The baker’s bestfriend, yeast, also said to have possessed a share of human genes too!

yeast 007

On a lighter note, let us cite some reasons why are we considered to be closely similar to other animals aside from genetically derived studies:

Katydid have Ears which are closely similar to humans

Human ears operates in a very compound manner which is something that seems to be unmatched by other animals. But on a certain research, it has been found out that Katydid ears are almost similar with that of the humans’.  Their eardrums to be exacts, functions exactly the same as ours. When it comes to the physical looks of their ears, it looks a lot simpler than ours but they have a better hearing range than human ears.


There are a lot of similarities that we can easily distinguish just by observing and appreciating other animals. They can throw words that are commonly spoken by humans, they show facial expressions, they sleep talk, they build homes for themselves, mind read and has the capacity to outwit us at some point in time. Just appreciate what nature have given to us at try to shy away from any superiority complex that we have on our minds in order to accept these facts.


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