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Gay couple shows unconditional love in having a ‘pride family’

Gay couple shows unconditional love in having a ‘pride family’

  • There are families that show the same love regardless of their gender.
  • The gay couple has to juggle with the roles of mother and  father which they have very challenging
  • Love will overpower any discrimination that may come along.

A Twitter user named Bobbie shared their family picture with a caption “For the Love, retweet this with your #PrideFamily”

Unlike a typical type of family, both parents are of the same gender. This is a real picture of a “Pride Family” where both have to play the role of parents regardless of their gender.

In an interview of the Dailypedia via a message, Bobbie shared their experience as a pride parent. Bobbie said that they are parenting the baby of his sister. Both of them have to juggle with the role of being the mother and the father which they have found very challenging.

The couple said that they were having “fun to take care of a family that is bonded with love and not because of the norm.”

The community still discriminates against this type of relationship but slowly some are becoming more open-minded.

What is more challenging for a pride parents like them is how they would explain to the child about their relationship and sexuality. “I’m sure in the future we will have to the ‘talk’ about his parent being gays and I wouldn’t lie about him about it,” he said.

Now as pride parents they will do their best to give their love to him so when the time comes, love will overpower any discrimination that may come along.

With the use of social media, he thought that it would be a great platform to bring awareness to the community they are part of. He believes that “love will always supersede anything.”

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