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Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco defend daughter against online critics

The incident underscores the challenges faced by public figures in navigating online scrutiny and protecting their children’s privacy in the age of social media.

Celebrity couple Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco recently found themselves addressing intrusive comments made about their youngest daughter, Stela, after a heartwarming moment between mother and child went viral online.

The incident occurred when a video surfaced on the MelaSon Facebook page capturing a conversation between Melai and Stela during Holy Week.

In the emotional clip, Stela is seen tearfully praying and expressing her understanding of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. While the video resonated with many viewers, it also attracted negative comments from certain individuals.

One commenter suggested that the couple’s child was already working at a young age, implying criticism about the family’s parenting choices.

In response, Melai and Jason defended their daughter, emphasizing that Stela does not need to earn a living at her tender age, “‘Di naman niya kailangan maghanapbuhay [grinning face with sweat]. Pray for your heart para mabago mo ang tingin mo sa bagay bagay.”

“Masarap kasi i-share ang ganito dahil bata pa lang sila alam na nila kung sino si Jesus.”

Furthermore, another individual insinuated that the touching moment between Melai and Stela was scripted, prompting the couple to clarify that it was a genuine interaction and not staged.

“Wala naman po script [grinning face with sweat]. Katatapos lang niya po magdasal kaya she’s filled with the Holy Spirit [red heart, folded hands emojis]. Ano po ba ang paniniwala niyo at mukhang ‘di kayo tinamaan?”

Amidst the criticisms, Melai and Jason urged individuals to reflect on their hearts and consider the impact of their words. They emphasized the importance of sharing such heartfelt moments, especially in fostering a child’s understanding of faith.

Following the backlash, many netizens and fans rallied behind the couple, offering words of support and condemning the negative comments directed towards Stela.

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