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Yexel Sebastian denies allegations of involvement in investment scam

Despite feeling trapped in the situation, he maintained his innocence and expressed regret over the ordeal.

Social media personality and toy collector, Yexel Sebastian, has refuted recent accusations linking him to an investment scam reportedly amounting to P50 billion.

Sebastian’s denial comes following a news report by GMA News implicating him in what has been termed a “junket investment scam.”

Contrary to the claims made in the report, Sebastian asserted that he had not been approached by the program’s staff to provide his perspective on the matter.

Expressing his dismay over the lack of communication, Sebastian revealed that he had previously sought assistance from the program for his own issues.

Addressing the reported figure of P50 billion allegedly acquired by his partner, Mikee, Sebastian cast doubt on the accuracy of the information and disputed its credibility.

“30 katao nagreklamo sa DOJ, 50 Billion
anong news na ito [sad emoji] haaay,” he said.

He reiterated his willingness to cooperate with interviews, emphasizing that he and his partner were also victims of the scheme and had not deceived anyone intentionally.

“Uulitin ko po wala kami niloko kahit isang tao, kami po ay nalagay lang sa alanganin
hindi po namin kagustuhan ang nangyari sa amin lahat,” Sebastian shared.

Expressing sympathy for the investors affected by the controversy, Sebastian lamented his inability to provide assistance due to his current overseas circumstances. Despite feeling trapped in the situation, he maintained his innocence and expressed regret over the ordeal.

The controversy surrounding Sebastian and his partner, Mikee Agustin, first arose in October 2023 when complaints from investors, particularly overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), surfaced. Following these complaints, Sebastian and Agustin reportedly traveled to Japan, sparking further outrage among the alleged investors.

However, the Bureau of Immigration clarified that there were no departure orders or derogatory records against Sebastian and Agustin, allowing them to leave the country without hindrance.

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