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Rica Peralejo addresses accusations of being a ‘Pretentious Christian Believer’

Peralejo’s graceful response to the accusation reflects her commitment to maintaining dignity in the face of criticism while staying true to her beliefs and values.

Former actress Rica Peralejo has directly responded to allegations of pretense leveled against her by a netizen during a recent TikTok Q&A session, where she candidly discussed her dietary choices and lifestyle.

In the video, Peralejo shared insights into her eating habits, emphasizing her preference for healthier options like brown rice and adlai while avoiding bread with artificial additives. She underscored the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

While the majority of comments on her post were positive, Peralejo also faced criticism from a netizen who labeled her as a “pretentious [Christian] believer.”

In her response, Peralejo maintained a respectful tone while asserting her confidence that time would ultimately reveal the truth about her character. She encouraged the netizen to find peace and let go of any lingering anger.

“The confidence I hold even when there are those who choose to believe the worst of me is that time shall tell what is true. So meanwhile sana magkapeace ka and mawala na anger in you,” she answered.

However, another netizen came to Peralejo’s defense, citing her inspiring testimony and the positive impact she has had on others through her platform. They emphasized that individuals have the choice to engage with Peralejo’s messages or not.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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