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Dustin Yu shares disturbing encounter: Alleged groping incident by uniformed man

The traumatic incident left a lasting impact on him, causing fear and difficulty in overcoming the ordeal.

During the recent premiere night of ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll Extreme,’ young actor Dustin Yu revealed a distressing encounter with an individual who claimed to be a police officer.

When asked about his response to advances from gay individuals, either in person or through social media, Dustin stressed the importance of respecting boundaries. He expressed that while he could tolerate jokes, serious advances warranted a different response.

Dustin candidly shared a disturbing experience, recounting an incident from when he was 18 years old. He detailed an unsettling encounter on the MRT, where he was holding onto handrails in the crowded train.

According to Dustin, a man in police uniform stood beside him and allegedly proceeded to grope him.

“Tapos ako nanginig kasi ako, eh, bata pa ako, at that time, talagang nag-stop ako. Talagang kinapa-kapa niya ang private part ko. Sobrang tagal kong nag-recover sa experience na `yon. Parang one and a half year bago ako naka-recover,” Dustin shared.

The traumatic incident left a lasting impact on him, causing fear and difficulty in overcoming the ordeal.

However, Dustin acknowledged that meeting other supportive and kind gay individuals in the industry helped change his perspective, realizing that not everyone behaved in the same way.

When questioned about the certainty of the man’s identity as a police officer, Dustin confirmed it, citing the man’s uniform as evidence. He recounted an attempt to take a photo of the alleged perpetrator after exiting the MRT but was unable to do so due to the lingering fear from the encounter.

Despite the harrowing experience, Dustin now finds humor in it and attributes his changed perspective to the positive interactions he has had with other gay individuals in the showbiz industry.

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