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Controversial Drag Queen Pura Luka Vega released on bail: Refuses to apologize

This situation continues to spark discussions about the boundaries of freedom of expression and religious sensitivities.

Controversial Drag Queen Pura Luka Vega, who was taken into custody on September 7, 2023, has been released on bail.

However, she remains steadfast in her refusal to issue an apology for her past actions that stirred controversy.

Pura had faced charges filed against her by the religious group ‘Hijos del Nazareno,’ leading to her detention. The controversy began when Pura performed a remixed version of ‘Ama Namin’ while wearing a costume that resembled Jesus Christ, an act that garnered significant backlash.

In response to calls for an apology, Pura defended her actions, stating, “If I apologize, what do I apologize for? Because I do apologize if they get offended, but the ownership of Jesus is something that I think anyone can own.”

Pura emphasized the importance of individual belief and expression, asserting that “Anyone can have a strong belief of Jesus. Anyone can also express their faith, no matter how different it may be.”

She clarified that she holds a deep belief in God and sees no reason to apologize for her actions, firmly stating, “I don’t think I would apologize for that. I strongly believe in the divine being. I strongly believe that Jesus is really for everyone, including the queer people.”

Apart from her controversial performance, Pura had also faced criticism for reviewing Sacramental Bread from various churches and providing ratings based on their texture and taste.

Pura’s unapologetic stance underscores her commitment to her beliefs and her belief in the freedom to express faith in diverse ways.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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