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Pinay turns viral after exploiting ‘Don’t Talk Into the Mic’ challenge?

In the end, all the things the woman picked amounted to over P16,000.

A Filipino woman has been viral after making an influencer spend thousands of pesos after beating the “Don’t Talk Into the Mic” challenge.

Social media influencer Sam Frank, who has the handle @spcyysamm on TikTok, was surprised to see that a Filipino woman made her spend thousands after she won the popular trend.

The “Don’t Talk Into the Mic” challenge is basically when an influencer asks a random person to participate in it and if they succeed, the influencer buys them whatever they want.

Sam Frank, who was in Boracay, decided to take on the challenge with a heavy-set woman. The woman eventually won and they headed straight to the store.

Surprisingly, the woman picked out several items.

“Guys, I’m gonna go broke,” Sam Frank said jokingly as the woman bagged perfume bottles.

In the end, all the things the woman picked amounted to over $16,000.

“I’m glad I can make you happy,” she said as they hugged it out.

The Filipino woman became viral since US participants who beat the challenge usually only chose one item from the desired store.

According to one netizen, the woman did the right thing because foreigners have been exploiting Filipinos.

Meanwhile, others found it funny.

Written by Charles Teves

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