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Filipinos brag about doing “jeans around neck hack” before it went viral

Videos about the “jean hacks around neck” has nearly 350 million views. Some saw it to be a success while others say it’s just a fad

Filipinos quickly let social media know that they have been using the “lifehack” of wrapping a jeans’ waistband around one’s neck to see if they are the perfect fit forever.

The technique went viral on TikTok, with several users attempting to see if it worked.

Basically, if the waistband of a pair of pants fits around one’s neck comfortably without excess, it’ll fit the midsection of the person wearing it.

Videos about the “jean hacks around neck” has nearly 350 million views. Some saw it as a success, while others say it’s just a fad.

Content creator Nicole Faye posted a video attempting the idea and was amazed at the result.


Fashion Hack #fashionhacks #jeanshack #jeans #fashiontips

♬ original sound – Nicole Fay

“Holy s – – t, they fit,” the surprised TikToker exclaims at the end of the clip. “What the
f – – k?! How do you guys come up with this?!” she said.

A previous video of the hack by TikToker Halley also gained millions of views.

Filipinos quickly jumped on the videos, claiming that they’ve been doing the hack before it went viral.

However, another TikToker who goes by Allison said the technique doesn’t work on people with “an apron belly.”

“I think a lot of us have seen or heard the little hack that if jeans fit around your neck, they will fit on your body. I’m here to tell you that it’s not true for all bodies,” she said in a clip with more than 73,000 views. “If you are like me and you have an apron belly, this little hack, it’s not for us, ladies,” she said.


Reply to @laniand1 this trick doesn’t work on my body type 😅

♬ original sound – Allison

She measured a size 16 jeans around her neck, which fit perfectly but didn’t fit around her waist.

“Do they fit around my neck? Yup. Do they fit around my belly? No,” she continues. “Debunked!”

Others who tried the trick also claimed that it didn’t work for them even without a big stomach.

“Correct. I don’t even have an apron belly and nope. Doesn’t work,” wrote one disappointed user.

“But do they make a great cape,” joked someone else.

“Omg finally! It doesn’t work for me either!” commented one more.

Another version of the hack is measuring jeans around a forearm, which went viral in 2020.

Written by Charles Teves

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