Did you know? Ancient Greeks considered small penises beautiful and big ones ugly

Greek art also depicts big penises as being linked to animals that prioritize lust more than anything else.

  • Small penises were once considered desirable and beautiful
  • Big penises were once seen as ugly and associated with losing self-control

Most men are conscious about the size of their genitals and some would spend thousands on surgery and pills just to gain a little length and girth.

But interestingly in Ancient Greece, a big penis symbolized something entirely different.

The experts said that a small penis was preferred, and that big ones were looked down upon.

“A human with very large genitalia, especially male genitalia, is considered to be grotesque, laughable.”

In addition, big penises meant that a person was an idiot, and that same person has the tendency to give in to animalistic behaviors.

Greek art also depicts big penises as being linked to animals that prioritize lust more than anything else.

Satyrs, which were mythical creatures that have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse, were illustrated with big penises. Satyrs were also associated with not being disciplined. “The poster boys for losing self-control.”

According to John Clarke, an ancient erotic art scholar at the University of Texas, a penis that is considered beautiful is small but elegant.

“[In Ancient Greek culture,] the proper or beautiful penis is dainty.”

Penises were usually seen on Greek statues, where men were naked and had their packages exposed.

Dr. Timothy McNiven, an art expert from Ohio State University, said that this obsession started back in the 8th century and continued for maybe another 1,100 years.

Ancient Greek associated small penises with modesty and self-control.

Egyptians, along with Romans, were also fascinated with small penises.

There also exists a drawing on papyrus that shows ugly men with snake-like penises. This was just for amusement.

But in today’s society, it is the opposite. Having a big penis is somewhat preferred because of the influence of pornography and the erotic Renaissance period.

Art historian Ellen Oredsson said that the love for small penises might make a comeback.

“There was no point at which social perceptions of penises flipped. Many different perceptions have existed and co-existed throughout history.”

Written by Jo-Est Tan

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