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Silvia Saige reveals why she left medicine to become an adult film actress

Silvia Saige makes over a thousand dollars for a single movie.

  • Silvia Saige has been in the industry for five years already
  • Says she wants her parents to be proud of her

Silvia Saige joined the adult film industry at a rather older age at 31 years old. Saige had her first scene back in 2015, but before that she was working as an X-ray technician and occasionally at ‘breastaurants’ where servers like her would wear revealing outfits.

Originally from Kansas City, she moved to LA to gain more exposure from her stand up comedy career.

She met with Kylie Kalvetti, a young pornstar who introduced her to the industry. Saige saw how much Kylie was making and made a decision to become an adult film star.

She sent nude photos of herself to an agent and started starring in movies soon after.

Saige makes over a thousand dollars for a single movie. But she still isn’t completely happy with how things are going.

Her parents are not really happy that their daughter gets pounded for a living, given that she came from a very conservative family.

Pornstars are known to be looked down by society.


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In an interview, Saige says she wants her parents to be proud of her being a pornstar.

“The hardest part is knowing that my family are dealing with my career as much as I am. I want my parents to be just as proud of me as they were when I was working in medicine. I never wanted my parents to feel like failures. I have a college degree.”

Saige has a degree in medicine and had a lot of choices in terms of career but ended up choosing to be a pornstar, which was surprising to her friends and family. But she is proud of what she does regardless.

“I had plenty of options but I chose sex. That bothered a lot of people including my family. I would love for my family to be proud of me and introduce me as their daughter who works in sex, rather than having to go to family reunions and pretend I’m someone else.”

Her father is beginning to accept that this is what Saige wants. He knows that his daughter is happy and safe, but her mother, not so much.

“My father is more understanding than my mother, my mother has religion. Obviously he says that as his daughter he wishes I wasn’t doing it. There is nothing about my life that is private any more. Everything is there for the public to see. It’s very freeing.”

The pornstar has a podcast that focuses mainly on sex. Saige says that sex has always been a sensitive topic but it shouldn’t stay that way.


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“I made it my mission to start talking about sex. We put so much shame around it. So I’ve just been talking sex with everybody.”

Filming usually takes 2 to 6 hours. Before she gets into a scene for filming, she needs to provide a health check to prove that she hasn’t consumed any drugs or substances that go against the filming policy. They do photoshoots before filming and talk to each other about do’s and don’ts.

“It’s all very quick but it becomes so routine that I don’t even think about it anymore. It just becomes part of my job.”

“80 percent of my days I really enjoy myself. I have a lot of fun at work, I’m laughing all day. 20 percent of the time it’s like a real job. You don’t always like the company you’re with, you might not like the director,” she added.

Ever since she started in the industry, her stand up career has been doing pretty well compared to when she was just an X-ray technician.

“I identified with myself a bit more. I just found my feet in both comedy and adult and gained more confidence. My name was getting out there a bit. Confidence is key in both professions. They run very closely hand in hand. Being in entertainment is about knowing what people want to hear and see.”


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Saige says that people would recognize her in public but would not approach because she thinks they are embarrassed.

“I think people are embarrassed that they recognise me. There should be no embarrassment there. I’m someone they watch on a regular basis and to me that’s flattering.”

She says that people should just walk up to her and greet her like a normal human being would.

“I would love it if they said hello.”

Saige has been single for nearly 10 years because of her profession.

“There is a shame factor that surrounds it. I don’t want to be with someone who wants to hide what I am. I want to be with someone who is proud.”

With that said, she has no regrets in joining the adult film industry.

“I’m very happy I did it. I’m very proud of what I’ve done. I think there’s a bigger message that needs to get out there. I’m very happy that I get to be the person that gets to do it.”

Saige is ranked as the 325th best pornstar on

Written by Gianni Russo

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