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There are good and bad things that come with being a fan of celebrities

  • Admiring a celebrity is good since one wants to copy the positive qualities that that celebrity possesses.
  • But being such a fan to the point where stalking is involved is bad in many ways and is unhealthy

Celebrities are larger than life individuals who often inspire their fans in many ways. People can’t help but admire these people and they have their favorites.

Being a fan can actually be a good and a bad thing. During a segment on DZMM’s Sakto, pop culture expert Rolando Tolentino said that being a fan is certainly good because it gives you something to look forward to in life, plus it motivates one to work harder in order to achieve the qualities that the celebrities’ one admires.

“Maganda kasi nagkakaroon ka ng aspiration. Kung ano ang gusto mong mangyari sa sarili mo, nagkakaroon ka ng mission in life na ina-idolize mo ito. Pati ‘yong best qualities niya (hinahangaang artista) ay ina-absorb mo rin,”

Stalking is already an unhealthy behavior, which gets worse if you are not aware that you are doing it to the extreme.

“Puwede kang maging stalker kapag ‘di mo binantayan. Puwede kang maging obsessed na klase ng fan, na kung saan sinusundan mo,”

Being a fan can also create new relationships, as you and others get together to admire and protect the one you idolize.

“May devotion, nag-e-express ng camaraderie among each other ang fans na ito. May solidarity at empathy sa artistang napili nilang sundan,”

It was during the prime of Nora Aunor and of Vilma Santos when the term ‘fandom’ became popular in the Philippines.

Written by Gianni Russo

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