Study finds that thousands of people are wired to go to sleep at 8 pm and wake up before dawn

  • One in 300 adults have the ‘advanced sleep phase’
  • Researchers believe that there are even more adults that have this compared to the number they found

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco did a study that found 1 in 300 adults have a routine called the “advanced sleep phase.”

This routine, for the longest time, has been thought to be rare but the study suggests that at least 800,000 Americans have this.

People with the advanced sleep phase usually go to sleep at around 8 pm and wake up before dawn.

The body clocks of people with the phase are activated earlier compared to the average person.

Most people require 40 minutes of extra sleep on non-working days, but people with this rare gene only require about 10 to be able to be productive during the day.

The only problem is that people with this gene most of the time do not have social lives after work since they are already sleepy.

The study had 2,422 respondents over the course of nine years. Only 12 of the respondents were qualified by the criteria set by the study.

4 of the respondents did not want to be part of the study. 8 of the respondents that agreed to participate actually had relatives with the same gene.

Dr. Louis Ptacek, one of the lead researchers said the rate is much higher.

“We hope the results of this study will not only raise awareness of advanced sleep phase and familial advanced sleep phase,” said Ptacek, “but also help identify the circadian clock genes and any medical conditions that they may influence.”

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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