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Influencer advises girls to not settle when choosing their future husband

  • Women should not settle for less in looking for the future husband
  • While dating, she had figured out what is her likes and dislikes for her future husband
  • It is important to go on a date because you will discover the man’s true attitude

All women deserve to be love and respect, especially when looking for their soon to be a partner in life. Some women have their own picture of an ideal man which includes physical appearance and attitudes.

But finding a good-looking man with good attitudes could be very difficult as some say that “nobody is perfect” but if you found one, you must be a lucky one.

A Twitter user named “c” posted the open message of an influencer and a YouTube make-up vlogger named Angel Dei Peralta who said that women should not settle for less in looking for their future husband.

In Angel’s message, she shared her experience in dating and having a love life. She admitted that she had been through a lot of dates and because of that some people see her as a flirt. For her, dating a lot of men doesn’t mean that she is a flirt mainly because she is single. When she goes on a date, she admits that sex and making out is a “no” and it is purely just getting to know each other type of outing.

Why girls would go on a date?

This is the question that Angel answered from her own perspective. The reason why goes on a date is not because of the “kilig” or to have “a companion and someone to talk to,” but what she really likes about having dates is because  of “meeting different people and listening to their story, observing them, identifying their traits and their personalities, and beliefs.”

While going on several dates with different guys, she had figured out what her likes and dislikes for her future husband were. In short, she had found her standard in choosing the right man for her. But when she doesn’t like the attitude, she immediately would say, “Hindi kami match.” Angel also pointed out that it is “really important to notice the red flag early on” which was the reason why she had so many failed dates because she doesn’t force herself to settle.

She also shared how she had chosen her current partner, though her boyfriend doesn’t meet her standard based on physical appearance but what is more important for her was his attitude. That is why it is important to go on a date because you will discover the man’s true attitude.

Angel’s advice to all women who would like to find their future husband is  “don’t invest too much and too fast. Pag hindi nag work out, move on. Marami pa kayong mamemeeet na mas pasok sa standard niyo,” she said

“DO NOT SETTLE” she emphasized.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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