Fraternal Twins graduate with Honors, both honor their inspiring father

  • Twins graduated as Cum Laude.
  • Both Frederick and Kate Galang admired their father who is a soldier and is their inspiration to pursue Criminology.
  • The twins helped each other in order to reach their goals.

Twins Frederick and Kate Galang pursued Criminology and graduated as Cum Laude. Both studied at Tarlac State University.

To graduate in college is one of the happiest moments of their lives. They didn’t expect to receive the award since Kate  is usually the one who is on top between fraternal twins.

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“Kasi lumalaki kami na siya (Kate) lagi ‘yung umaangat so hindi ko akalain na parehas kami nakakuha ng award,” Frederick said.

Both admired their father who is soldier and was their inspiration to pursuing the degree.

Frederick and Kate are not only good in their academics but are excellent student leaders, too. The twins were united and committed in achieving their goals.

For them, there is no sense of proving who is better but rather they study together, harder. They helped each other in their studies instead.

“Para sa amin parang friendly competition… For example kapag may exam ‘I review, you review.’ Ganoon po kami,” shared Kate.

Realina, the twins’ mother always reminds them to help each another in every aspect, “Sinasabi ko sa kanila lagi na walang inggitan, magtulungan kayo, kung sinong nasa baba iaangat.”

Frederick intends to join the Philippine National Police academy while Kate wants to study aviation.

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