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Darren Espanto joins the call for justice in the case of former road manager

Darren Espanto is one of the many who calls for justice for the slaying of former road manager Carmencita Pelayo, also known as Karen Hernandez, in the music industry. Her work has won the admiration of peers in the industry.

According to ABS-CBN News, Carmencita Pelayo on Monday (April 8) went to Pampanga, together with her friend Karwin Guevarra, to meet their friend alyas ‘Regine.’ Dead bodies with multiple stab wounds and strike in the head on the two were found inside the house of Guevarra at Barangay Tabun. Meanwhile, ‘Regine’ was considered a person of interest in the crime.

Police staff sergeant Roldan Tababa shared, “Ang una niyang kwento sa imbestigador, siya raw ay pinalo ng unidentified suspect na-unconscious siya. Nagtulog-tulugan. Pagkagising niya ganun na nangyari. Paniwala ng imbestigador, inconsistent yung ibinigay niyang information. May mga nakitang galos sa kaniyang katawan, sa kaniyang mga kamay, sa kaniyang mga paa, parang self-inflicted.”

In his Instagram post yesterday, the Kapamilya singer paid a tribute to his ‘Ate Karen’ whom he treated as family, more than just a road manager. “I still couldn’t believe the news of your passing, ate Karen. Nanginginig ako hanggang ngayon kasi di ako makapaniwala sa nabalitaan ko. Actually, ayaw ko maniwala sa totoo lang. Sobra kasing masakit. Napakabuti mong tao.”

You were more than a road manager to me. Inalagaan mo ako at itinuring na parang kapamilya mo at ganoon ka rin sa amin. You are family to us… You will forever be my “Ate Karen”. I will keep all the memories that we had through the good times and the bad and I will always remember the things you’ve taught me in the past. I love you so much and I’ll keep you close to my heart always.”

Meanwhile, more and more people in the industry and some fans are calling for justice for the slain music PR.

May justice be served for Hernandez’s untimely death.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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