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A Finnish citizen lives like beggar, netizens pleads help to deport him back to his country

  • Rumors spread that the foreigner had a relationship with a gayperson who took all his money and luggage
  • Previously, he had already been given help but unexpectedly upon reaching the airport, he was given the wrong ticket and was not allowed to fly out of the country
  • Despite all the money he received, he spends everything on alcohol and on the bar without even paying his bills
  • The consulate of Finland is monitoring his actions from time to time, and also sends money from him but all goes to his vices

The Philippines is known for tourism and thousands of foreigners really love visiting the country every year. Some might come to witness the beautiful tourist spots and some would like to meet the person with whom they’re in a relationship with.

Many foreigners are happy and successful in finding relationships here in the Philippines but some weren’t that lucky and had been cheated by taking all their money and left them with nothing.

Like a Facebook user, Christine Ibañez, who shared some photos of a foreigner she had been seeing at 7-Eleven stores in Makati City who badly needs help, after being cheated by his gay partner. The security guard of the establishment has been keeping him off the store.

Christine felt pity and bought him something to eat. Rumors spread that he had a relationship with a gay person who took all his money and luggage. Though he wanted to go back to Finland, without his papers and money, he cannot go back to his homeland. Luckily, he still has his passport with him.

Accordingly to him, previously he had been given help but unexpectedly upon reaching the airport, he was given the wrong ticket and was not allowed to fly out of the country. Now, he feels so depressed and he really wants to go home.

Christine is pleading with netizens to help the foreigner to find ways on how he could retrieve his luggage and how he could go back to Finland. In return, some netizens have reacted positively on helping him.

John Frederick Pescadera Samonte is a security guard works at the Bureau of Immigration. He said that there is an office in the Immigration who’s helping people like him and deport him back to his country, but then he also said that he needs proof of evidence such as a passport or any proof of citizenship, before the embassy would help him.

Others had asked the helped of “DZRH Operation Tulong” to help the poor foreigner and recently released an update about the truth behind this foreigner.

According to DZRH, as a response to helping the foreigner, around 10 in the evening they investigated the true identity of the foreigner. They have known that the authorities have already been helping him to be deported to his country several times. But unluckily, Finland has no embassy here in the Philippines. They only have a consulate.

The staff of the Makati Police station and other netizens had already helped him. A member of the Makati Police who’s near from where he rested, continuously assisted him every day and even spent their own money only for him to survive. They already gave all their efforts in helping him.

On March 25, as seen on the picture together with police who helped in all his expenses, they have gone to the airport and consulate to help him solve his problem. But for some reason, he wasn’t allowed to leave the country.

The Makati Police had given all their patience and understanding for all his wrongdoings. There were lots of people who had offered their help that even their relatives and friends sent money for him.

Halong emosyon ang naramdaman ko nung nakipag talo pa ako sa security guard sa 7/11 at nakipag talakan sa mga tao na…

Posted by Christine Ibañez on Monday, April 1, 2019

Despite all the money he received, he spent everything on alcohol and on the bar without even paying his bills. They have also known the reason why the 7-Eleven security guards would always drive him away because he used to steal some alcoholic drinks. Only the police officer was willing to support and care for him.

A foreigner was also being asked to help him with his case, but he answered negatively saying “I won’t go back.” Maybe because of his depression, he doesn’t want help from others.

In coordination with the Makati Police, the consulate of Finland is monitoring his actions from time to time and also sends money to him, but all goes to his vices.

The DZRH OperationTulong also coordinated with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for immediate actions, as they will give an update once the DFA would give their feedback.

All the information gathered, through the help of the people who continuously help him, was even being scolded by their employer.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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