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Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile reveals secrets for reaching 95 years old

  • Despite his age, he is eager to stay in politics as a candidate for Senator this 2019 election
  • Though he is not on a strict diet, Enrile is eating in moderation
  • For the former senator, health is wealth!

Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile will celebrate his 95th years of fruitful existence on Valentine’s Day Despite his age, he is eager to stay in politics as a candidate for Senator this 2019 election.

On a radio interview, Enrile revealed his secret food for having long life. The secret food is ‘saluyot,’ a leafy vegetable whose scientific genus name is Corchorus, that is known primarily as a nutritious food source among poor Filipinos.

“My secret in fighting ageing is saluyot. My fave food is Dinengdeng. Every Sunday, that is what I’m eating.”

The typical dish that he is referring to as “Dinengdeng” is a Filipino vegetable dish that originated in Ilocos Region. It is a soup with bagoong isda mixed with different vegetables usually grown in the backyard, such as ampalaya and okra and added with fried or grilled fish.

According to Enrile, he doesn’t follow any strict diet. In fact, he still eats lechon, pork chop, adobo, chicharon and bagnet but he avoids foods that are rich in uric acid, even though he is not a diabetic person.

“I eat lechon, chicharon, adobo, pork chop and bagnet. I’m just avoiding foods rich in uric. I am not diabetic, but I’m prone to uric acid pero I eat monggo with ampalaya leaves and chicharon,” said Enrile.

Though he is not on strict diet, Enrile is eating in moderation.

“I don’t eat rice in the evening when I already ate rice in the morning and at noon. I eat not more than a cup,” he said.

Sleeping for eight hours with regular exercise is also one of his secrets in having long life. He also moderates drinking alcoholic drink and stopped himself from smoking.

“I drink alcohol moderately – half a glass of wine or half a bottle of beer. I seldom drink whiskey or brandy.”

To keep his mind sharp, he reads books and uses the internet to research on trending issues.

Indeed, for the former senator, health is wealth!

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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