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Despite MMFF 2018 Best Picture win… “Rainbow’s Sunset” director laments lack of cinema slots

  • Rainbow Sunset won big at the MMFF awards night.
  • Director Joel Lamangan requested to give entries the equal amount of cinemas to show their film in.

The 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival awarded Rainbow Sunset the title of Best Picture during the award ceremony Thursday, December 28.

The movie centers on an elderly gay man, which made people expect a speech about inclusion, representation, and LGBT+ rights from the director, Joel Lamangan.

But it turned into a request to give the less popular entries their fair share of cinemas to show their film.

“Huwag lamang natin patabain ang bulsa ng lahat ng may-ari ng sinehan, patabain natin ang kaluluwa ng ating bayan,” he said.

“Masakit na sa harap mo ay tinatanggal ang sinehan ng pelikula mo.”

It was said to be performing poorly in terms of ticket sales, resulting to the sudden decrease on the number of cinemas it’s showing in since Christmas day.

Mother Lily Monteverde, the prodicer of One Great Love, shared similar sentiments with Lamangan.

“We urge the cinemas to help the movie industry, to give theaters to all entries fairly for the progress of the industry.”

Rainbow Sunset stars Eddie Garcia, who is an old man in love with his gay best friend at the same time he is with his wife.

It bagged 11 awards including Best Director, Best Original Theme Song, and Best Screenplay, among others.

Written by Jacks

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