Caviteño posts about His Observation about the Area’s Transport System

Caviteño posts about His Observation about the Area’s Transport System

  • A man from Cavite posted about the hardships of commuting to and from their area.
  • He wrote that if he’s already tired with his daily situation, he can only imagine what the parents feel whenever they experience the same thing as him.

A Netizen narrated the tiring situation of Caviteños when it comes to commuting.

Dennis Buckly posted on facebook about his daily routine to and from work. He is a resident of Molino, Bacoor, Cavite, and goes to work at Two E-Com Center in Mall of Asia. As work starts at 7AM, he wakes up before 4AM and leaves the house an hour later.

Throughout the post, he started expressing the hardships of looking for your mode of transportation in Cavite.

“Hindi naman siguro lingid sa kaalaman natin na problema transportation dito sa Cavite. In short, wala nang masakyan. Wala. Literal. “

He said that even though he decides to walk farther, there’s still no guarantee that he’ll find something to ride as drivers don’t want to travel anymore.

“Mapa-jeep, mapa-van, wala. It doesn’t matter how early you wake up anymore. So everyday, literal na ang pagpasok ko sa opisina ay by chance lang. Kung may masakyan, edi masaya. Kung wala, edi memo.”

But then he revealed that the post is actually not about him. One day, he was waiting for a ride home for two hours, then he came across a working mom who said that she’s been standing in the line for three hours.

“Kitang kita ko na gutom na siya, at pagod na pagod na siya. Marami siyang bitbit at mukhang mabigat bag niya. Maya maya, sa kabilang pila naman (pa-Imus), may ale na napaupo kasi nahihilo na daw siya. She’s probably in her late 60s. Hindi ako sure kung saan siya galing, pero marami siyang dalang papel sa loob ng plastic envelop na see-through. I overheard, inasikaso daw niya pension niya.”

Dennis said that he has no idea how Cavite’s transportation system suddenly has “gone mad” and there’s also no official explanation about such.

“Pero one thing is for sure: hindi ito tama. Hindi luxury etong nawala. Basic need ito. Basic need ng mga nanay at tatay at ng mga bread winner na nagttrabaho. Osige, wag natin silang i-highlight, kasi baka isipin niyo ad misericordiam ‘tong post na ‘to. Basic need ito NG LAHAT.”

He added that the post is for all the parents who endure the everyday hassle.

“At tuwing sa tingin natin eh hindi na natin kaya, isipin nalang natin ang mga matatanda. People who are twice our age. They don’t deserve this. But it doesn’t also mean that our sentiments should be dismissed. Kasi alam ko pakiramdam niyo, mga ka-edaran.”

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