Bicol Central Academy administrator burns Students’ bags; DepEd issues statement

  • Bicol Central Academy now on the hot seat after its administrator punishes students by burning their bags and belongings.
  • The Department of Education Bicol is now investigating the matter.

The bags of the students at Bicol Central Academy in Libmanan, Camarines Sur were reportedly burned on Friday, August 17 due to a reminder that was not followed.

In a post by Facebook user Jonathan Vega Magistrado, the bags were burned by Former Municipal Councilor at incumbent Provincial Board Member Alexander James Jaucian and a [male] staff member.


LIBMANAN, CAMARINES SUR, Aug. 17, 2018| Naabo ang mga gamit ng ilang senior high school students ng Bicol Central Academy sa Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

Ito ay matapos ipasunog ng school administrator na si Former Municipal Councilor at incumbent Provincial Board Member Alexander James Jaucian sa isang male staff ng paaralan kaninang umaga.

According to a student, Jaucian got mad when he saw students with bags (particularly backpacks) in the classrooms that were being used as waiting area, despite being told not to bring a lot of stuff as they will be assuming the roles of student-teachers of grade school students while the teachers are gone for a seminar.

A student shared, “Pwede naman daw magdala ng maliit na bag pero yung maliit lang na pwede lagyan halimbawa ng cellphone hindi backpack kasi pangit daw tingnan na magtuturo na naka-business attire tapos may dalang backpack.”

Another thing that caused his anger was when he saw a male student wearing jeans, rubber shoes, and t-shirt. The student explained that he had permission to not wear a business attire as he was assigned to the ‘maintenance’ department that day.

The burnt bags contained wallets, ATM cards, cellphones, and laptops that belonged to an estimated 20 students.

Maliban sa mga kwaderno at school uniforms ng mga estudyante, nasunog din ang ilang mahahalagang gamit ng mga estudyante tulad ng laptop, cellphone, pera at ATM Card.

“Parang mahigit dalawampu yung nasunugan ng gamit kasi nung ipunin yung mga sunog na gamit nasa tatlong sako yung pinaglagyan.”

Nabidyuhan naman ng isa sa mga estudyante ang pangsesermon at pambubulyaw ng school administrator dahil umano sa matinding ‘disappointment’ sa kanila.

In the video, Jaucian can be heard scolding the students and calling them “stupid” when he learned that there were gadgets inside the bags.

Video courtesy of @Surrearlism (Twitter)

Under investigation by DepEd.

The Department of Education in Bicol is now investigating the incident.

DepEd Bicol Director Gilbert Sadsad said that they are “deeply saddened and now investigating the matter. 

“While we cannot sanction the offending person because he is under the jurisdiction of the authorities of a private school, we will be reviewing our policies if we can provide sanctions in terms of possible revocation of the school’s permit to operate and other benefits provided by the government.”

DepEd Bicol Information Officer III Mayflor Jumamil also said that they are now requesting the school management to submit a written explanation.

They added that any allegation of child abuse will be handled by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Written by Jacks

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