Enjoying energy drinks may be a sign that you’re an asshole

  • Studies show that energy drinks may affect your chances of being an asshole
  • Consumption of energy drinks are known to have negative effects when it comes to your health

We all know that one guy that is casually downing Red Bulls in random occasions. He is possibly someone that is not a coffee-drinker but doesn’t have a problem with drinking those large sized energy drinks every morning.

That guy may also be the one that shares those seemingly idiotic articles and often gets into arguments with the internet people or even in personal, and ends up saying something borderline racist.

According to a study published in Health Psychology, it is established that there is a connection between energy drink consumption and the possibility of being and asshole.

The study made 467 male participants, between the ages of 18 and 62 (median age of 23), answer a series of questions. The study is titled ‘Moderated mediation of the relationships between masculinity ideology, outcome expectations, and energy drink use’ which found a high correlation between backward views (e.g ‘homosexuals should never marry’) and the affinity of energy drinks.

The final conclusion was as followed:

The present study adds to the literature on potential negative health implications of the endorsement of traditional masculinity ideology by offering a link between predictors of energy drink use (masculinity ideology, outcome expectations) and health outcomes of energy drink use (e.g., sleep disturbance). (PsycINFO Database Record). 

Some didn’t really find the results and finding surprising as the average energy drink commercials features mostly young, healthy white male, usually doing some activities of engaging in some kind of extreme sport with the kicker of being an attractive young female seemingly very in awe of the male’s abilities, talents, and general good looks.

The overly specific targeting may mean that a particular kind of person is drinking energy drinks, and therefore the personality indicators would may be similar across the board.

Lead author of the study, Ronald Levant, a psychology professor at the University of Akron, spoke with Huffington Post regarding the findings:

“They no longer wonder whether they’re masculine enough, or they wonder less, and they therefore have less need to prove it,”

“I think the message men are getting is that if you’re a young, white heterosexual male, energy drinks are for you.”

Aside from those, energy drinks are not exactly known to be good for the heart.

Written by Jacks

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